Ah-Ha Moments

Life is full of those moments when things in your life just click and begin to make sense.  For me, Ah-Ha moments are what keep me going and even as soon as I realize I am having one, I forget as quickly.
For now, I am going to write down the ones I have had recently and try to remember to write down the moments as I go along.

* Watching Ali Macgraw on TV and was asked how old she was. I was floored when she said 71.  She talked about true and living an authentic life and putting out there what you want back.  She said, “It takes courage to be with someone and find out that your needs don’t match up…it’s better to find out then and not 15 years later.”  True words.

*Waking up one morning and realizing how pathetic it feels to be waiting on someone to decide if they want to hang out with you, want to be your friend, want to love you like you have loved them for a year.  As bad as it hurts, it’s better to not be in a waiting room…ever.

*Sitting in the car and hearing, “Can’t touch this” and remembering the time you laughed so hard with your sister that you almost got kicked out of a restaurant.   It’s those moments in life that REALLY matter…not the sad one right before it when listening to a Journey song wishing you could go back in time and try to make something so very right…right again.

*”I just did that…and no one can take that away from me.”  –have more of those moments.  Don’t let this life slow you down.

*That moment you realize that you’re not alone in this world and there is someone who WANTS to walk with you through the dark and the light.  He thinks you’re beautiful no matter how ratchet you look and feel about yourself. He looks at you at your worst and thinks he’s the luckiest guy alive.  3-20-19

*That time that the trash took herself out. When she finally snapped and showed who she REALLY is and not the fake fuck she puts out there.  I don’t miss the drunken late night calls where she bitches about EVERYONE in her life.  The hours of bitching about work, her mom, her sister, her own kids and how NO ONE is there for her.  God it got old and QUICK.  I can’t believe I put up with that shit for so long. I do not miss it AT ALL.