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Bringing the term “Soccer Mom” to a whole new level

Because we lead the most exciting life EVER, we spend our weekends going to Chelsea’s soccer games.

For those of you that are new to Random and Odd; Chelsea is the daughter of our Beautiful Friend, Lisa. She’s 15 and one of my favoritest people to photograph. She’s a good girl and she’s been playing soccer forever.

Tonight the team they were going to play didn’t show up, but they had the field for 40 minutes regardless. Some of our kids went out and played with the team and somehow all the parents got out there.

I have a new found respect for Chelsea, who goes out there and runs back and forth, kicking the ball and making it look easy.
Because I was on the parent’s team I got to play against Chelsea. We both went for the ball at the same time and she kicked me right in the foot. HARD. She’s always been such a sweet girl, but I need to rethink her disposition now.

Since I wore flip flops to the game, I had to borrow Chelsea’s shoes. I looked so rad in my penguin Vans.

If you look at the picture real closely you’ll see me doing this high kick thing.

Take a good look, my leg will NEVER go that high again.

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