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Random Stuff before the post:
**The picture from the last post was taken in Old Sacramento from upstairs and the girls looking up. Shaun then added windows because when you look at the picture, it looked like it needed some. He’s weird.

**SPF: CLICK HERE I am still trying to figure out where to put all my stuff. Stuff Portrait Friday use to have a cool place on my side bar at the old place. I guess it might need it’s own room: SPF.

**Links at the bottom right hand of this blog? GO GET FIREFOX! it fixes the problem INSTANTLY.
and Ladybug–Dooce is always right about everything, so you just go get Firefox or I am going to email Dooce and tell her you went against her wishes and she will have her army of followers leaving ‘get firefox’ comments all over your blog ;) We all know you don’t want that ;)

Kate: Butterfly Girl has been helping me with “Spotlighting Bloggers” and she is awesome, thank you so much!!

and Remind me this week to write a whole long post about ‘Hope’ the doll that was made for me.

Welcome Monday Tuesday!This was my ‘leap of faith’ weekend as I moved over here. Again- Phil…I heart you. You are my hero. Lawbrat..thank you for letting me use him like a dirty whore!!

Kathy sent me an email this weekend and i’m not allowed to tell anyone what it says or she will kick my ass. It was private sister stuff.
I thought, “what could she write me in an email that she couldn’t put in a post?”

Because I write everything down and put it out there, I tend to forget that some people don’t do that. They aren’t as willing to share as much as I do. When I started blogging, it was more raw and from my gut. Then I got readers that knew me and could poison me while I slept so I toned it down. I also didn’t want people seeing me in any other light than the one I turned on. After awhile I felt it was okay to share my anxiety attacks, that I bit my fingers, that I had ghetto denim furniture and that my baseboards were non-exsistant.
I also let you in my home and let RSG wash my cupboards and Pissy burn down my backyard. If I could live through this, then I could share anything right?

Wrong. I hide lots of stuff. The number one thing I try to hide is my teeth.
I use to have the top dentist in Sacramento, then I moved and I had to find another dentist. He was great, friendly and did a darn good job. Then Dan and I split up and I lost the dental insurance.
After that, my dentist were back alley clinics that may or may not have been dental board certified.
I had a cavity in the back of my front tooth that the back alley dentist fixed in 10 minutes, made me pay cash and then pushed me out the door. He may have insulted me verbally, but since I had no idea what language he was speaking I can’t say it for sure.
I also had a crown put on my front side tooth that didn’t match the other teeth, it was way-hayyyy to white to even come close to matching. I lived with it thought because I didn’t have the money to fix it.

For the last 5 years I have only half smiled or if I did smile, I photoshopped it. My teeth were not something we were even allowed to discuss.

So yes, there are things I don’t talk about. UNTIL TODAY. I went to the dentist today and fixed it. I fixed my teeth. My teeth…FIXED.
You should have seen him working on my chompers. He sounded like he was fixing a Ford truck.

“BOND, get me some bond! CURE THIS! Ohhhhh, niiiiiiiiceeee, let me just build up the back a bit…bond it….cure…niceeeeeee.

My upper lip is SO numb right now and it looks like Melanie Griffith after her injections. My teeth though…Watch out Hillary Duff!

I’m so excited to actually smile for the camera! I mean, not right this second, because I look like a moron. I’m also happy I can talk about it. I still can’t tell you what my sister and I talked about though…secret sister stuff.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Liza

    you are allowed to keep secrets you know =] just cuz it’s your blog and you can say what you want doesn’t mean you have to, so don’t worry about keeping your sister stuff secret cuz i know there’s stuff that my sister and i talk about that i won’t blog because it’s not that it’s all so secret and personal, but it’s just stuff that no one else would understand and it’s between us, making us sisters. teehee i sound all smart today.

    yay for new teeth!! i haven’t been to the dentist in years and i really need to go because i can’t eat any candy without crying now.

  • randomandodd

    Yes, I will post some pictures, I can totally feel my lips right now, but he numbed me all the way to my eyebrows. My eyelids are still numb. LOL, shut up, It’s not funny.

    Oh and did I mention I had to take a pain killer? i’m feeling really fuzzy…and a tad bit on the horny side.

    SHHHH, don’t tell anyone I said that!

  • Amy

    What a gorgeous website, Kristine. It’s all ecru and tidy and understated and posh. Lovely. Congrats about your teeth! Although I already thought your smile was delicious, I know how great it feels to finally get some work done. Yay!

  • Pissy Britches

    Can’t download it here.
    Will do it at home..guess I am missing about half the site cuz I don’t see any links to anything..
    Just your pic at the type and your posts.

  • MrsDoF

    Aw, I spent much of the morning in the dentist chair meself. The last stage of a real purty white crown, whereas before, there was a huge old silver filling.
    The numbness for my cheek left a couple hours ago, but I have a class this evening. No painkillers for me until I can sleep it off.
    There was a family in the waiting room asking their mom a bunch of pesky questions. I didn’t have anything better to do, so I answered them as best I was able. I emphasized that our dentist is a really smart guy and he has lots of education and is quite good with teeth.
    And thank goodness we live in a place where a dentist is available. Look what Tom Hanks had to do in the movie CASTAWAY!
    When my name was called, the mother whispered Thank You as I passed. Golly raising children is hard work!

  • ScottyGee

    So glad you got your teeth fixed. I have avoided the dentist for a couple years myself. I totally need to go, but I have never found a good dentist here in Raleigh and I am scared that whoever I go to is going to give me Cletus teeth. So scared… I might have go soon though. I want to see your new smile too!

  • Lisa/That One Chick

    Wow, I downloaded firefox and things look so much better…why did’t I know about Firefox before now?! Love the new look Kristine! I’ll IM you sometiem when i see you on about my new masthead..thanks!

  • kimmyk

    I would rather have a pap then have my teeth worked on.

    I’m sure your smile will match the rest of you-absolutely beautiful.

    blonde.tall.pretty smile. *sigh* = so jealous.

  • Missy

    I love the new site. I know it was hard, but breaking up was good for you – perhaps in time you and blogger can be friends.

    We need a picture of that smile!!!

  • Stacie

    Hi Christine. Congrats on the new chompers! I am still wandering around your new blog…do I need to get added to the SPF list to play or do I just come by and comment like at the old place? I still want to play, but did not see my name on the list..or is that not the SPF list? I’m confused…Stacie

  • kalki

    Here’s to your smile, girl! (And thank you for explaining the photo on the last post – it was driving me insane!) Also, I LOVE THIS PHOTO. LOVE IT!!

  • mrsfish

    I am glad you explained that picture because it was really tripping me out! Great shot of the girls though. I really need to get me some photoshop, but I hear I need to get 3, not v 4.

  • Mainline Mom

    Your new site rocks. Love the colors. Refuse to get firefox though. I’m so stuck in a rut I am still using a lameass Blogger template. Cuz I don’t know how to make a cool one like my blog friends. Your photos are so gorgeous and they look great next to the new color scheme. Oh and congrats on your teeth! I TOTALLY would rather have a pap then get my teeth worked on. Guess I should find a new dentist.

  • LeafGirl77

    NNOooooooooooooo! Say it ain’t so about the Hilary Duff teeth. She’s freakin’ scary now. Horse mouth galore!

    I’m sure your teeth are much nicer. ;) Can’t wait to see the pic!

  • Jackie

    Of course Firefox rules!!
    And am I stupid because I didn’t even see the windows the first time. I just saw the girls and thought how pretty they were. And how much the one in the middle looks like you!

    So glad you got to visit the dentist. Shivers.
    I dread going!

  • Jean

    My son (different last name) is a member of the Ruse, the band you went to hear. I am really proud that you thought they were polite, and cute. You are a cool, funny person and I can’t wait to read more of your comments on this site!