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Every year on Alyx’s birthday cake I write, Happy 5th Birthday. I then have to put the real age on there. She came to me this year and asked that I remember that this was her NINTH birthday and not her FIFTH.

When Alyx was little I told her that she couldn’t get any bigger and she promised me that if I let her turn 5 that she wouldn’t get any older or bigger.
I let her turn five and try as she might, that little girl keeps getting bigger. She’s still the smallest girl in her class and she hasn’t moved into size 1 shoes yet. She’s trying.

When Kara turned 9 I didn’t have any other child to reference the growth to. When I was talking to the anchor woman about Alyx I said, “She turns 9 tomorrow.” it wasn’t until I heard the woman say it on the news that it hit me. When Kara was 9 she was totally different than Alyx. The two girls are totally different in so many ways. Kara was more grown up. Alyx is more mature.
Is it because I have more older kids in my house that it seems like Alyx is so much younger than Kara was?
When Kara was nine I was thinking about going to a looney bin to cope. Kara challenged me every single day to be a stronger parent. I remember standing in the middle of the room jumping up and down screaming at a 9 year old and she stood across from me doing the same thing. If you had put boxing gloves on both of us, i’m sure she would have come out victorious.

Alyx has never questioned my authority. She has never argued to get her point across. I don’t think she has ever even raised her voice at me. Because of this…I gave her the birthday party she always wanted.

She got to invite all the girls from her class to the rollerskating rink. It was hot, it was muggy and it smelled funky, but she was so happy. All of the girls showed up and brought her neat toys.

I want to take a second in the middle of this post to say thank you to my friend ‘Cita and my Beautiful friend Lisa. The other day I called them in a panic, “NEWS COMING. HELP!” They both showed up within 5 minutes and helped make sure the house was spotless before they got here. The crock pot is still in the stove and I can’t find vacuum cleaner, but the place looked great.
They are always there to help me when I need them. I can’t remember a time I haven’t called them in tears and they got me laughing again.
The birthday party was no different. ‘Cita, along with all the other adults, helped make sure the kids had a great time.

When we got home we raced for the latest video game that has us bonding. Guitar Hero. If you have PlayStation 2 you have to get this game. I have mastered, “I love Rock and Roll” and “I wanna be sedated”. I’m still on the easy level though. It’s like that dance revolution game and Simon all in one.

Alyx had a bunch of friends over playing baby dolls and Bratz.
Looking at her holding the little baby, she almost looked 5 years old again.

I think I should have gotten that agreement where she promised not to grow up, in writing.

P.S. ‘Cita, don’t forget you’re picking up Alyx and Shea so I can go to the funeral.

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