Random and Odd


OK, so the boy had a nice 15th birthday for the most part. The part about Jessica Alba jumping out of a cake didn’t exactly happen, but he FINALLY got his dog. After two excruciating days of waiting, the looped up dog (she was spayed this morning) got to come home tonight. After a couple hours at the park and watching the Diamond Kings get their asses kicked (Shaun was 2 for 2, obviously playing for next year’s big free agent contract), she got to check out her new home…..and Mooshu. Moosh was not too pleased about the new pooch, but I’m thinking they’ll be best buddies soon. Tyler’s been smiling all night, he’s loving this. Couldn’t happen to a better kid, really a loving, good-hearted boy who deserves at least this much. Happy birthday Tyler, and welcome to the home, Halo.

PS- There’s no truth to the Entertainment Tonight segment that claims adding this dog to Random and Odd was done to increasing ratings ala cousin Oliver on The Brady Bunch.