little hands

Author: randomandodd  |  Category: alyx, kara, My Brats, shea

I’m home all week while the girls are on Christmas vacation. It has given me a lot of time with the girls.

Things I have found out while being home ALL day long.

  1. they argue. ALL THE TIME.
  2. Shea is a troublemaker.
  3. kara talks REALLY loud.
  4. they can play with Polly Pockets for hours.
  5. cartoons are not as cool as they use to be.
  6. kids eat every 30 minutes.
  7. when it is time to clean up: shea’s foot hurts, kara has to pee, and alyx has a tummy ache.

I swear when the DayQuil kicks in, this house is going to be clean. Foot, pee and tummy, BE DAMNED!

6 Responses to “little hands”

  1. Girl From Ipanema Says:

    You’ve got some smart kids there! They’re pulling out all the stops. Are you looking forward to the teenage years? :)

  2. Random and Odd Says:

    I know. I’m totally screwed huh?

  3. dashababy Says:

    awww, my karebear still takes after her auntie kathy. i always had to pee too!!!! how did i not give birth to that child?

  4. Mrs.Strizzay Says:

    My kids do the same thing. The oldest is always going to the bathroom when its time to clean and the middle child is always in some sort of pain..or tired. He gets very tired. So I tell him he can go to bed right after he is done.(So I doubt it is genetic) :0) Of course the baby just makes a mess of everything they are picking up. HAHAHAHAHA

  5. Sissychong Says:

    Oh yea the teenage years are going to be real FUN! I still hvae an anxiety attack when my son gets behind the wheel, and he is 19!

  6. Pissy Britches Says:

    Ha. I love your site. I have 2 step kids 12, and 14 and 1 of my own that is 17 months. The 2 older ones argue ALL the time also. Glad I am not the only one.