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Holy Fucking 2020

The Norma Files

Well hasn’t this year just been a peach?

The Bad: Everything that comes out of Trump’s nasty ass mouth. Losing my friend, Lisa to cancer. Ruth Bader Ginsburg passing and leaving a MASSIVE hole in the Supreme Court. Fear of what is going to happen to this country in the next few months. Anxiety coming back with a vengeance. Missing my trip to Italy. Trump Virus that has taken 200,000 human lives.

The Good: I bought my truck. My relationship with my dad improving. Finding my half sister. Shea getting her van. Alyx getting her promotion. Kara and I learning how to communicate. I took up gardening. My BFF moved to San Diego (which falls in the ‘bad’, but I can’t put it there because what has come from it has been beautiful to watch). My other BFF is becoming a Dad again. Monty Don’s gardening shows. I don’t have the Rona…yet.

There really is a lot that won’t ever fit into a blog post. I’ve been struggling a lot lately. This is a shit show of time in the world and I am trying to figure out how to look to the future without having an attack that shuts me down completely. Not understanding how friends and family can support such vile leaders has me baffled.
I’ve pushed away people that continue to make excuses for his behavior. The closer we get to election, the more I have seen from people that I have spent years looking up to that makes me absolutely sick that I wasted any amount of time and effort into a relationship. Not that they will even notice my absence since they never call or check in. They can spend there time supporting 17 year old children that kill supporters of BLM. When a 17 year old kids kills one of their nieces at a BLM peaceful protest maybe they will understand how his hate speeches has been the driving force behind it. Maybe them calling him a patriotic hero won’t taste so good in their mouths.