Random and Odd

Next up! The Dodge!

So this is the color scheme that Bruce and I have decided on for the 1965 Dodge van, except the white is more of a cream color.
The rims have been powder blasted and the Croker tires just rolled through the door. I am so excited to finally start pulling those cars out of storage and getting them the way he has always wanted them to be.

My dad and brother came down yesterday to pick up his truck (mine will need to be towed due to my brother freaking out that my dad was driving it that far and it died during a rainstorm). I was able to give them the tour of the shops and the killer old cars we have. My brother loves the 1939. That’s MINE, he can’t have it! :)
It got us to talking about all the old cars we have had and sold.

He called me when he got home and we talked for like an hour on the phone. It was nice sharing a part of my life that I am so very proud of.