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Internets….meet Chuck

1967 Ford F100 352

I have been talking about getting a truck, but honestly I thought I was holding out for the 97 Toyota Tacoma Prerunner.

In a text with my dad he mentioned that his buddy had one for sell and it had 38k original miles on it…and it had a stick shift. There was NO WAY I was going to buy it without my bosses thumbs up. I told him and he said, “That’s stealing that truck. Buy it.” So I did. I’m now the extremely proud owner of the same truck as the one I owned when I was 16.
This was the truck that I learned how to drive in. We named it “Tank” because when I started it, you could hear it all the way back at my best friend’s house. Tank didn’t have a radio so I used my old ghetto blaster that had ONE tape. I would start it up and blast “Should I stay or should go now!?” and “Rock the Casaba” and found every back road my old hometown had.

This last weekend I drove all the way home to check it out and give it a test drive. My dad and his buddy were talking- talking- talking so I finally just got in and fired him up. Chuck isn’t as loud as Tank was, but it had that same rumble. The stick shift part was a bit to get use to, I only stalled it once and that was because I was not use to going from a dead stop to driving starting in 2nd gear. The choke too. Good lord so much to remember. It was like shifting a garbage truck! I got him going, mastered the shifting and then we had to stop. My poor dad damn near went through the windshield.
I felt horrible and humiliated because it has been a lifetime since I drove a vehicle without power brakes.

He told me that he would drive my new truck down to Sacramento and I would drive his down and get his A/C fixed.
The anxiety attack I had almost dropped me to my knees. I had so many thoughts running through my head about making a huge mistake.
The next day he called me and said he drove my truck and had to stand on the brakes to get them to work. It wasn’t me being a sissy-la-la, the brake calipers are frozen!

I have very little mechanical to do to my new truck and I get to focus on getting it just the way I want. It needs a new floor board, head liner and a paint job. I’m going with green and cream. It’s also going to get the power steering, power brake conversion and an A/C that will freeze you out.
I want to get an old 8 track to fill the spot where a stereo goes. Yeah, i’m that girl.

I’m that girl, the EXTREMELY proud driver of a 1967 Ford Pick up!