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IMAG2626, a photo by Random and Odd on Flickr.

It was another year of volunteering for Western States 100 mile endurance run at the Foresthill aid station. I was pretty sure that nothing could beat last year, but this year was even better! Kara came with me and she just kept making me smile with such pride. She jumped right in as we unloaded the moving van, she put up barrier cones, 6 pop up tents, food, stations, tables. She was an animal. I was given the job of being head of drop bags and crew station. Since Kara was a last minute add she was going to just jump from station to station and help out. I thought it would be fun to have her helping me as I crewed the crewless runners and helped the runners that did have crew make sure their runners had everything they need when they hit our station.
Kara decided she wanted to help out with the people that support us volunteers. She cut up food and stood out in the sun while she helped cook and serve us. After lunch she came over and hung out with me for a bit, but after the first few runners came through she moved over to the cooling station to help out making sure that the runners were drenched in cool water and that’s where she stayed for the remaining 8 hours. Everyone just loved her and I was so incredibly proud of her. When we were leaving the guy who runs the whole volunteer shindig insisted that she come back next year.
Cowman and I hung out for a little bit and he gave me his pacer bib. It was another very memorable year and I will sign up for next year’s race.

Kara’s been here for a month and I feel bad that I can’t afford to do anything with her. Between rent, saving up for registration/smog/insurance for my car AND the unthinkable; CAMERA REPAIR…I am tapped. So we have been doing lunch and going to see movies as it seems that’s about all I can afford lately. My own fault and I will remedy that problem soon enough.

I haven’t been writing much here. It’s not that there is nothing going on or I am so super busy that I don’t have time. I just don’t want to turn this into bitchfest.

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