Random and Odd

I am.

I am., originally uploaded by Suddenly Single.

Every day there is one more thing that reminds me that I need to do just this.
Today is just another ‘every day’.
I keep making the steps to do just this, and then I make the foolish mistake of taking 19 steps backward.

Today. Today is the last day I will do that.

It’s been two years of saying, “Next year will be better.” This year, this one is mine. I’ve made my resolutions and I’m sticking to them.

2011 I will be too busy to worry about what anyone else thinks. 2011 will be full of new, beautiful things.

Before this DAY is over, I will let go of all of it and be done with it…I need to make room and practice for 2011.

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.