Random and Odd


The advise nurse I called BEGGING for an appointment to “fix this damn problem or I am going to explode!” went over my CT scan results and said, “Well, you have a cyst on your ovary the size of a golf ball.”

I have an emergency appointment today (hopefully) and they will fix the problem…or I will explode.

I was chatting with my friend Matthew when she told me and I told him about the golf ball sized cyst. His response, “FORE!” and then asked if they will use a nine iron to remove it.  I love assholes sometimes.

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  • MBkimmy

    I hope that is the problem, not because I want you to have a cyst but because they can then fix it … maybe you are like my friend Robin and your appendix ruptured and it made a void in it’s self and the poison did not leak out …

    they told her that she had a cyst on her ovary the size of a grapfruit and when they got in to remove that was not it …

    Hope they get to the bottom of it for you!

  • Jen

    Umm, why did it take you having to call THEM to get this info? What would have happened if you hadn’t called? Isn’t it their job to review things like this and let the patient know? Just wondering. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  • Dave Vogt

    hey, my mom just had both of hers out. it wasn’t quite an emergency situation, but she was back on her feet two days later. Mind you she, like the rest of her family (myself included), is stubborn as a mule and would not stay horizontal as long as recommended.

  • traci

    Holy muther! I once had a cyst the size of a tennis ball and it was a total bitch. I’m glad they found it and I hope you feel better soon.

  • Heather

    It’s funny that you said this because I was just thinking, after reading your latest entries, and your twits that you probably had a cyst. Those fuckers are hard to find and diagnose. (I’m in school for Radiology)

    I hope it’s fixed and SOON.

  • Michelle S.

    Oh, what a relief to find out what it is! I had one that was the size of a tangerine, as they put it, and it was excrutiating. Mine was more like a benign tumor though and they had to take it out through laparascopy and remove that ovary as well. Was that too much info? Eh, I didn’t need that ovary anyway. Three kids is plenty!

  • Christina

    just hope they can get rid of the damn thing. I just had a cyst burst last week that put me in so much pain I was doubling over. Yeah sure, give me percocet for pain and 2 horrible ultrasounds, 1 that was beyond invasive and violating. Oh did I also mention, I am allergic to percocet! Oh the results of the ultrasounds, Right Ovary ok, Uterus ok, Left ovary, well they just can’t seem to see it. BUT EVERYTHING IS “OK!” Yeah ok. I have my kids, they are teenagers, don’t plan on having more, take the damn thing out! But according to the Obgyn, I am “getting at that age” that I should think about hormone theropy. What ever! I didn’t realize 37 was old! lol well I say that now. But Weezie, I hope that they can help, I know the pain you’re in. Take it easy! Call if you need an ear to vent in! Love you kiddo!

  • Mary

    My sweet Kristine. You are too young for health problems young lady. Get the golf ball out and come back to us 100%!!!!!

  • Christie

    every female in my family gets cysts… they can be such a pain in the ass (haha).

    But you’ll be fine- it’s easy to get them out and you’ll feel tons better! :)

  • Army of Mom

    Bless your heart. I had an ovarian cyst the size of a softball removed when I was 19 or 20. Mine was an easy procedure as they just went in laproscopically and essentially lazered it. Recovery was easy (just like an uber-heavy period) but it was much more tolerable to the cramping and pain from before. Good luck, sweetie. I hope they get you fixed up soon. Knowing makes you feel a lot better already, I’m sure!

  • momthefonz

    Close your eyes and see that my arms around you today, i’m so glad that your Sissy can be with you Just remember Momma is here and Just Yell and i’ll be right down there with you…. Love You Sweetie ….. Mommy