Random and Odd

Why I still watch American Idol…

1. For gems like this!  He makes the most distorted faces while singing.
2. To count how many times David licks his lips.
3. To watch Shaun rock back and forth in the corner with his hands over his ears during ‘rocker girl’s’ performance.

and for this game Shaun and I play;  After every performance, we pause the tv and give what we think will be the judges critique.
“kinda pitchy” — that’s an easy one.
“Karaoke” — another easy one.
“You look great!” –given.
“I’m a big fan” (was thrown off when Simon said it though, it’s usually a Paula line)
“I didn’t understand a single thing you said.”
“You have all the colors of the rainbow!”
“Paula, you’re drunk.”

Tuesday nights are always a fun night in our house. Someday we will have to invite you all over and watch it with us. We can make it a drinking game!