Random and Odd

I’m a mom.

Shea stayed home from school today. She had spent the night with Dan last night and when he dropped her off he said, “She didn’t eat breakfast. Said her tummy hurt.”

The other day, Alyx stayed home because her allergies were too much for her to handle.

I didn’t mind it too much because I haven’t been able to sleep in over a week. Staying up until 5 am has been killing my system and making me want to sleep all day.

Liz is going to see her mom in Alabama so I drove her to the airport.  Thinking Shea was going to be fine, I drug her along with me.  I even picked Alyx up early so she could say goodbye to Taylor ( HER baby girl)

On the way home, Shea did this whole, “OH GOD, IT HURTS!” I believed her. She is quite the dramatic one, but this looked pretty convincing.
Then from out of nowhere Shea projectile vomited all over the front of the car.
In the middle of each spurt she apologized for throwing up all over the place.
“It’s okay baby, we are almost home.”
More vomiting.
About 5 miles down the road I hear from the backseat, “OH NO! I CAN SMELL IT!”  I’m thinking, ‘wonderful. sympathy vomit coming from the back seat.’

We made it almost home when I decided to detour to Dan’s house.  Yeah. He can handle the barf in his driveway better than I could.

I hosed out the car, chanting to myself; ‘I can do this. This isn’t that bad. Not toooo bad at all. I can do this. I gave birth to them, I have changed diapers. I can do this.’

Shea walked out and let out a big ol’ dramatic sigh. “Whoa, glad that’s over.”

Yeah, it’s over kid. But when I’m in my 70’s I am going to barf all over the front of her minivan as revenge.  I will then look at her with the most adorable eyes and say, “Can I have chocolate ice cream now?”