Random and Odd

Seeing that I blogged this, I won’t actually be able to do it now…

My ex-husband, Dan and I went food shopping yesterday. Yes, you heard that right.

Between the two of us, we are trying to figure out how to get through the month of December without the debtors police coming to beat us with bully sticks.
Since paying child support isn’t in our near future, we decided to work together to be able to at least have food at both houses.
This is where Costco comes in handy. We picked out the most logical things to buy and then split them.  Even the Oreos…even though Oreos weren’t on the ‘logical’ list…they are tasty.

After we circled Costco, we cruised over to Walmart to get things that didn’t need to be bought in bulk.  Since we were there we went to the toy section to see what they had out for Christmas ideas.
We would pick something up, turn it around, check the price…and then conclude that it was garbage and it was just going to end up somewhere under a bed or in the garbage.

“I officially hate December this year.”  It needed to be said. Actually it needed to be screamed, but my throat was sore.
“Me too.”

On the way home, Dan decided to tell me all his financial woahs and I restrained myself from shoving his head through the window.
I told him, “Take a life insurance policy on me and I will try to make it look like murder.”
He laughed.
“No really.”

After hours and hours of tossing and turning, my body finally relaxed and I fell asleep.

In my dreams, I planned the perfect murder.  I got to watch the whole thing like a television show, except I was the leading character. (Oh and I looked fantastic! I love it when I am skinny in my dreams!!)

I was so bummed when I woke up this morning.

Understanding seasonal depression comes easy to me this year. I am just wondering how long it will last?

I'm a lot of things, but mostly I'm just Random and Odd.


  • Brooke

    I suffer from S.A.D. too, but I think it hung around all year last year. I’m too chicken to go on meds for it though.

    I’m just now getting our tree up and decorated. If it falls over, it will stay that way, I have no energy to put it back up.

    I’m avoiding the debt police also, I hate them, I hate bills, I hate debt.

    If I ever win powerball, I’ll split it with you! Deal?!? LOL!

  • Renee

    We are going through the same thing. Thank GOD I have the greatest Mom in the world…

    She would rather remove her own spleen with a spork than see my kids go without Christmas.

    I think we should have Mothers Month, not Mothers Day.

    Hang in there. Christmas is family (and you have a great one)…not gifts.

  • Rob

    Ironic…I thought I was the only one that isn’t taking child support “yet”…We have agreed to get completely out of all past debt before following our order. So long as we both have a decent roof over our head and food to make, gas in the car…we’re doing okay..I figure we should be debt free from our past mistakes and irresponsible choices before another year passes. That is a good feeling. What’s not a good feeling is all the pasta that we will have to eat over that course. :)
    Lets meet for coffee soon.

  • Michelle

    I hear ya on the December $uck$ thing. I was holly and jolly at the start but now the debt is looming more than ever and I just want to get past the holiday and start paying down some of the debt. I hate debt. I hate S.A.D. Hang in there….

  • cori

    I certainly know the feeling. Ya know raman noodles and Mac N Cheese day after day after day. Hang in there. Things do look up. Don’t ask when they just do.