Random and Odd

In the last 4 years, this was the highlight of living with teenage girls.

Marina and Kara fight like real sisters and not step-sisters.

Both girls were 10 and 11 when they ‘met’ for the first time. In the beginning the novelty of having a friend to play with was totally awesome.

Then Shaun and the kids moved in and the girls entered into 6th grade. The novelty of it wore off FAST.

The past years have been a roller coaster of mood swings. I’m talking the Tilt’a’Whirl, Ferris Wheel and the Drop Zone of mood swings.

They can go a week being the bestest of friends, glued to each other and laughing together so hard that it makes us laugh because they are in the backseat crying in giggles.
AND the flip side of this the worst of enemy. They can’t walk down the hallway without the tension being so high that the pictures fly off the wall. They talk crap about each other and hurt feelings left and right.

Tonight made me realize that no matter what, the bestest of friends part totally over rides the worst of enemy part.

A couple years ago I went to The Eagles concert with Shaun. We had great seats, I had my buzz on, all was well in Kristine’s world….eeeexccccceeeepppt, I was missing something; My sister.
During a good portion of the concert I had my phone and kept asking her, “CAN YOU HEAR IT!!?”

Tonight Marina went to the Justin Timberlake concert. Kara told me that Marina promised to call her once during the concert. Aww. Cute. Now, where is the remote? HOUSE MD is on.

When Kara’s phone rang, she got the biggest smile on her face and bolted to her room. I followed her in and listened to Marina walk Kara through everything that Justin was doing and saying. While he was talking, Kara explained to me that when her and Marina first met they would sit in her room and listen to that song OVER AND OVER again, and even had a dance to it.
After the song started, Kara started singing with Justin AND Marina. Giggling. Truly happy that Marina was at the concert.

In the middle of the song, Marina yelled into the phone, “I LOVE YOU, KARA!”
and Kara with her big, toothy smile yelled back, “I LOVE YOU TOO, MINA!”

My heart EXPLODED with happiness.

They are real sisters.