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I’m giggling so hard, I’m about to pee myself!

I went over to an old friend’s house tonight while up in Redding recouping from Life. I promised I would only stay a few hours and come home.
A few turned into about 5 and I got in WAY past my curfew.
Mom and Kathy had already gone to bed and I’m KNOWING I’m going to get my ass chewed out tomorrow for “coming up here to visit and going over to a friends house and not hanging out with them”. TO WHICH, I have a good come back. The last time I was up here and I was sposta meet a friend and didn’t HE DIED.

Where was I? Oh yeah, my ass being in trouble.

So I get the girls into bed (which mom or Kathy made up for them) and I come into mom’s room. When I stay with my mom and sister, I sleep with my mom. YES, I still sleep with my mommy.

I stumble around the bedroom tripping over dogs, chairs and blankets. Mom is OUT.

While trying to eat a cheese stick I’m STARTLED by a sound. It’s the sound of my mother, SNORING. I sat down on the chair in her room and I’m listening to my mother sleep. I swear from the bottom my heart, there is nothing more precious an a baby giggling…or my mother sleeping. She snores. LOUDLY. Like all he air in the room is being sucked into her lungs and forced back into the room with great force. She is serious about her snoring…until she hears something, then the snoring goes to this sound like she’s getting her teeth worked on. The saliva in her mouth being sucked out with a hose.
Each time she changes her snore, it makes me giggle.

I can sit here and log the description of her breathing for hours, it’s actually adorable.

Like right there, it was a half snore half dentist suck.

Ohhh, now that one was her nose being sucked into her face.

Little cute growl snore.

A cute sigh, stretch combo.

And then the train snore.

I guess the best part of it is that she’s breathing. M mom is peacefully sleeping in her bed. When I get up in the morning she’s going to smile at me and tell me I’m beautiful and she loves me.

I really have no idea how she will have the energy to talk though, all that breathing she is doing right now…with the air and the nose…that’s got to be some hard work.

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  • kimmyk

    She must be really tired. That’s the only time I’m told I snore.

    My mom can suck the walls in when she sleeps. I can’t sleep with her…or near her. When she stays here she’s gotta be in the basement it’s THAT bad. Can hear her 2 floors up. I don’t know how she does it. I mean, gets restful sleep and all.

    Glad to hear you had a good visit with your friend. Does the heart some good.

    Enjoy your visit with Kathy and your momma.

  • momthefonz

    I Do Not snore, I stayed awake all night and not one snore came out of me…
    And I do wuv you and now i have to go and kiss your lips off…

  • Andrea

    your mom’s response sounds like my dad. we once were giggling because he was snoring, and he growled, “i was not, i’m not even asleep yet!”

  • traci

    This makes me miss my mom although she never told me I was beautiful and she loved me. I’m so glad you have your mommy.