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Shaun here.  Kristine is a little under the weather, so I’m filling in.  Sorry, not too entertaining this week.

My Season Changing…….

We can put away the tank tops and flip flops, and break out the sweaters!!  Nothing says changing of the seasons like changing of the clothing.  You’d think the laundry level would improve, but it really just means more flannel and less t-shirts.

Beauty of Where I Call Home….

This is one of my favorite pictures.  When Kristine’s not beating the children, she actually likes them.  It’s true.  Seriously.

My Favorite Part of the Weather Changing….

The month of October for Kristine means she’ll be excited about one thing: Caramel apples at the Pumpkin Patch.  Pumpkins and ferris wheels and foods on a stick.

Did you play?

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  1. Teena Says:

    Wow! I’m first! Whoohoo!

    Sorry to hear that Kristine isn’t feeling well.

    Great pix!

    Mine’s up :)

  2. Connie Says:

    It is still hot here, but I will try to get up some pictures, but it still looks green around here.
    Love your pictures of the pumpkins.

  3. Kate Says:

    Sorrry I did not play. I LOVE FALL. it is my favorite season. I talked about my starbucks addiction though!

  4. Kate Says:

    I hope Kristine feels better soon!

  5. dashababy Says:

    Awesome pics.
    Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend.
    Kris, I hope you gets better soon :(
    Call me.

  6. Torie Says:

    Hope Kristine feels better soon. That is a great family photo. Well, actually, those are three great family photos.
    I sorta played.

  7. Connie Says:

    Ok, they are up now. As always you take beautiful pictures. I played.

  8. Brooke Says:

    Great job Shaun! I hope you are feeling better soon Kristine!!

    Not my greatest SPF, but it will work, right??

    Have a great weekend in Reno!

  9. Suzanne R Says:

    I couldn’t be first because I had to watch McDreamy. ;-)

    I hope Kristine feels better soon!

    Very creative SPF, Shaun. Mine is rather ordinary but my mind isn’t in it with my vacation coming up soon. Yippee!

    I played.

  10. Susanne Says:

    I played!

  11. Uzz Says:

    All are excellent shots, but I really like the second one…it exudes joy and defines what we should love about our home!

    I hope Kristine gets to feeling better!

    I played this week also, so come on by and check it out! Have a great weekend!

  12. RaeLeigh Says:

    I also was watching mcdreamy. Suzanne we have to talk sometime!! :) Anyway, I played — hope you feel better soon Mrs. B!

    Oh and hey Shaun — great minds think alike — sorta!

  13. barnmouse Says:

    Awww….Feel better Kristine!!!

    This was a great SPF! Fall is my favorite season, so of course I played! :)

  14. Juliabohemian Says:

    foods on a stick…

    I played! And I was scared that Flickr wouldn’t load my pictures, but I actually got some on there!

  15. Maria Says:

    Feel better, Kristine.

    Love your pics, Shaun, especially the second one.

  16. san Says:

    LOVE the photo of the pumpkin patch… awesome!

    I played

  17. Lisa Says:

    I hope Kristine’s all better soon!

    All of your shots are great, but I love the pumpkin patch one the best! Nothing says fall like fruit on a stick!

    Oh yeah, I played!

  18. mmc Says:

    Absolutely wonderful, all, but I love the second picture the best!

    I played early finally…

    Feel better Kristine.

  19. Lee Says:

    nicely done shaun…great shot of Kristine with the girls…I got the Brady Bunch theme song in my head now after the last one ;) feel better Kristine and have a safe trip.

    I played.

  20. Hemlock Says:

    That picture of Kristine and the girls is AWESOME! Great shot!

    I love all the pics you take at the pumpkin patch. I hope to start a tradition like that someday.

    Kristine, I hope you feel over the weather sometime REAL soon! Take care!!!!

    I played!

  21. Kami Says:

    That’s a great pic of your girls!

  22. Jana Says:

    I love that second picture! I hope Kristine feels better soon!

    I played.

  23. christie Says:

    I’m playing as I type this (well blogger is uploading the page as I type this)

    Great home pic!

  24. Thaddeus Stevens Bennington IV Jr Says:

    Ooooh…break out the flannels….oh…you pooor babies…..

    Tad-Biographer of the late Dr H.O. Potamus

  25. Army of Mom Says:

    Shaun, you did a great job filling in. I love where you call home. That was great. You might lose your man card for the level of sensitivity exhibited here, though. ;) Although if you make a few fart jokes or something, you can earn it back.

    I played.

  26. Janet Says:

    I played:

    Hope Kristine feels better soon :-)

  27. Dave Vogt Says:


    I played.

  28. cat Says:

    Get better, Kristine! ((hugs))

    Oh, and you guys are freaking ADORABLE in those pictures (the middle is my absolute fave).

  29. SPF: Fall · Blog Archive · davedot dot com Says:

    […] I was worried for a bit that I wouldn’t get to participate in this week’s Stuff Portrait Friday. Kristine was a little late getting the challenge up, and with my hit-or-miss performance since I started, the odds looked stacked against me. Fortunately this week’s SPF is about my favorite time of year: Fall. […]

  30. dcrmom Says:

    I played!!!

  31. Lori Says:

    Your pumpkin patch place looks so fun!

    Hope you feel better soon, Kristine.

    I played.

  32. The Kept Woman Says:

    Love…actually all three pictures. I hope they are all in your family album!

    I played but wasn’t nearly as sweet and sentimental as you…shocking, I know.

  33. randomandodd Says:

    Hello everyone, Kristine here. Still feeling a bit icky, but it’s all about letting my body get use to the new dosage of meds. I feel like I am being run over by a truck everytime I get up to move around. I slept most of yesterday and I am hoping I have enough energy to move around today to get the place clean before I leave for the wedding.

  34. san Says:

    Oh… that’s right… you’re going to a wedding this weekend! I hope you’ll feel better and will be able to enjoy it! Hugs.

  35. shelli Says:

    Feel better fast!!

    Hey, Ellen Degeneres= Def Leppard today.


  36. Mainline Mom Says:

    Awesome pictures Shaun!

    I finally played.

  37. Ficklechick Says:

    I played for the first time in many, many moons. :)

  38. anja Says:

    First time I played as well

  39. Archie's Beard Says:

    I played. I know, I am LATE. It is Sunday already. But I was so busy…

  40. Denise D Says:

    I played. Sorry I was late.