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It’s  Tuesday and you’ll all waiting eagerly for me to post my SPF assignment.

I know you all don’t care what I had for lunch, but how about what I ate for dinner?  I just found out that I kick ass at making steaks!  I had never made one before so I got out The Fonz‘s cast iron skillet and fried one up.  I am a steak making machine!   Tonight I took a break and I made a bad ass pot roast.   I am on a ROLL!  Tomorrow, I will probably try something and ruin it, but i’m kicking ass this week.

Shaun told me last week after a mini melt down that he doesn’t want me in the bedroom anymore.  HOLD UP, that didn’t come out right.  He still WANTS me in the bedroom, he just doesn’t want me living in there during the day.  I’m a hybernater. I tend to make a ‘safe’ place and just stay there.  My bedroom is my ‘safe’ place and it got to the point where I had not been in the living room in almost 2 months. Yes, it gets that bad.

Being that i’m so close to the kitchen for the past couple of days, I am reminded that I’m the wife and I need to stick it in the pan and fry it up while my man is at work.  Yeah, that sounded so 1950’s.

Where was this post going? Oh yeah, SPF.  Stuff Portrait Friday.


1. SomeTHING (not someone) that inspires you to do what you do. (work, hobby, donate, create..whatever)
2. Something you don’t like to read about on blogs.  (yes, you can find a picture to describe this)
3. Something that inspires you to write on your blog (I just wrote plog…lol)

Can you say MEDICATED?