i don’t like angela, let it be known now.

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My friend, ‘Cita invited me over to catch up on season 3 of Project Runway. Now, honestly I am not a big fan of this show. I have watched the final shows from past seasons with ‘Cita because when this woman gets into a show, she drags everyone she knows into the show with her. I have been dragging my feet for two seasons and instead of listening to her complain to me on Thursday morning about what happened on Project Runway I decided to just Tivo it and watch it when I couldn’t fall asleep.
When I informed her that I was ‘watching’ the show this season you would think that I told her that I built a casino in my backyard that actually let us more than 2 dollars for ever 20 we put in.

“OH MY GOD! you have to come over and catch up on the few that you have missed.”

So I did. It’s not like I was missing a huge plot or anything, but I HAD to learn the history of the crazy guy with glasses and I needed more of a reason to hate Angela.

After it was over we were debating what could be the huge thing that happens next week that gets someone KICKED OFF THE SHOW! All the sudden this HUGE fly comes in the crack in the sliding screen door. When I say HUGE, I mean…like…it was something National Geographic would have been shocked by. Flies the size of small dinosaurs!

This fly, this HUGE fly lands on the ceiling lighting and we are in awe of the size of it and how the hell we are going to lasso that thing to get it back outside.
‘Cita in all her glory pulls out her Dyson that has so many attachments and went from normal looking vacuum cleaner to a friggin’ Transformer! All the sudden the attachement is long enough to get to the fly.
” There is NO way that thing is going to get sucked into there.”
That thing got sucked up in there! She caught the flying dinosaur in her vacuum cleaner!

I don’t have a new fandangled cleaner that SHOWS you what gets sucked up in there, but all be damned if hers doesn’t and we spent 15 minutes turning the canister to see the beast…and then we found it! We were such girls too…”Ewwwww, lookie..there it is!”
It wasn’t enough though…we wanted to see it closer up without all the fuzz on it so we put all the contents of the canister in a ziplock bag and went about trying to find the fly again.
We found it and we kept looking at it as if it had all the answers to the world caught in its creepy little eyes. It wasn’t enough though, we needed to be able to see it ‘clean’.

As if we were CSI agents we went about getting the fly out of the bag and into the bottle of water so we could see it up close … and CLEAN.

“Damn…that sucker is huge! It’s like 5 times the size of a normal fly, I think it’s a horse fly.” ‘Cita informes me.

We went outside later and we were still talking about the 30 minute catching, cleaning and inspecting the fly when I said, “It’s just so strange to have horseflies out here. I mean, we live in suburbia…there are NO horses anywhere near here.”
“Kristine, I think they are called horse flies because they are so big…”

and this will always be her come back when I bring up the fact that she was grossed out by the fact that I was eating a ‘chick’o’stick’ and couldn’t understand why I would want to eat candy that is ‘chicken’ flavored.

15 Responses to “i don’t like angela, let it be known now.”

  1. sannie Says:

    G.R.O.S.S. … but a funny story :)

  2. Lazy Lightning Says:

    AWESOME. Dyson vacuum… I want one SO BAD.

  3. Kate Says:

    I Love My Dyson Vacuum! I LOVE IT!

  4. Kate Says:

    I love that you were talking about the horse flies and then I read about the chicken sticks. You girls are a riot!

  5. Dawn Says:

    YEAH!! you have a ‘remember me’!! WooHoo!

    Anyway, you lost me at Dyson. I want one. That is all.

  6. Lisa Says:

    I’ve watched the show all of one time, but I think Angela is a royal biotch!

    I have major Dyson-envy! Is that sick or what?

  7. randomandodd Says:

    Dawn…the REMEMBER ME worked? I don’t know how I haven’t fixed it? How did it work? Where ???

  8. Von Krankipantzen Says:

    I love these friendship moments.

  9. Lori Says:

    I lust for a Dyson. Um, and Kristine, you ARE blonde – no offense. Use that as your excuse. :)

  10. SuZan Says:

    Funny story!

    Those odd moments are priceless.

  11. Jenie Says:

    Totally skipping the all of that story to just say that I HATE that girl too!! She needs to go!


    (Just ewww about the fly)

  12. Pissy Britches Says:

    I have already told you that I heart my DYSON.
    It rocks.
    It is my BIG PURPLE BITCH.

    And I LOVE Project Runway.

  13. Dawn Says:

    it just works- I go to leave a comment and it says- welcome back Dawn! I feel so special.

  14. mmc Says:

    OMG! I LOOOVVEEE chicostix! Haven’t had one in years….memories of swimming at the city pool in the summer when I was a kid…good times.
    And I h.a.t.e. Angela too.
    I didn’t really like Kathryn either, but felt sorry that she had to go home.

  15. J_Bo Says:

    I have to keep my little dog away from my Dyson, unless of course I am really mad at him. *evil grin* It really is a great (horse) fly swatter, too.