Random and Odd

One Week…

I came home to a younger looking Shaun! He looked so refreshed. I think the 4 days without screaming and giggling girls might have given him that rested look.
Out of spite, I let the girls invite a couple of loud girlfriends over and they giggled until 3 am. He’s looking haggard again and all is right in the world.

We are down to ONE week.

You all freaking out? I am. I got a letter in the mail. I am OFFICIALLY DIVORCED!
I’m also divorced, engaged and getting married all in ONE WEEK.

When I got home I had boxes from Amazon. Big Heavy had sent me some cooking dishes. You know what this means right? Yep, I need to learn how to cook!
I also came home to a nice ‘prayer shawl’ that I had admired on MrsDof’s website a long time ago. It’s blue. I am blessed. Thank you so very much!

My online bridal shower was so much fun. We have decided that we need to all get together and do that more often. If we can’t meet in person, we will at least get together in a chat room and talk about sex and other things that made Nilbo’s ears tingle.

Mom and sister were fantastic. I asked Kathy if I should get my eyebrows waxed and she said I just needed a few strays plucked. We laughed so hard as she plucked out my virgin eyebrow hairs. I had never in my life had a eyebrow wax or even had to pluck so this was an interesting experience. I would make it through 5 plucks before I would scream, “KELLY CLARKSON!”

My sister in law, Terrie is out of this world with a sewing machine. She fixed the girls dresses in the bust area. My girls are bustless and the dresses we go had some room in there that we needed removed. She made the flower girl baskets. WONDERFUL woman that I need to give a huge thank you card to!

Now all we need to do is go through the walk through and pick the music.

….and not faint before I make it to the alter.

ONE WEEK. Holy crap. ONE WEEK and I get to be Mrs. Kristine Baland.