• Random and Odd

    Whoa, it’s been awhile.

    This might be the longest I have gone without posting.  I still write, it’s just saved on the cloud until I finish it.

    Let’s play the fun game of catch up.
    I’m still at the shop and things are better than ever.  We have made so many changes there in the last year.  Installed my flooring and new lighting in my office.  Changed a few things around management wise and got a new office chair.  Shut up, it’s a great new chair.
    The girls are doing great. I went up to see Alyx and had a great time.  Shea has been coming over a ton and we have been hanging out. My heart is so happy.  Kara is doing great making people beautiful.
    My love life is still wonderful.  We got a house and a new dog.  We have great adventures in our travel trailer and are planning the future ones.  I’m excited for our 3rd Christmas in the house.

    So that is just the Campbell Soup version.

    The Fab 4 decided to plan a trip to Ireland again. I’m so excited to be going back again. This time Dale’s mom is going.  I called dibs on rooming with her.  After two weeks with Dale last year, I know better.  The Irish put something in their beer, whiskey and pot roast that makes his gas clear a whole floor.  Luckily for me, I grew up sharing a room with 3 older brothers so I can handle farting on a toxic level.  This tested my limits though.
    Our Fab 4 trip has turned into Fab 6 (working on a new name) as our travel agent and his girlfriend are going and Dale’s original best friend is coming along.  The warning of the atomic Irish gas was given and since the two lived together for a spell, i’m sure she is ready.
    People keep asking why I would go to a place that I had already gone to and why not somewhere new?   Because I loved Ireland and two weeks didn’t allow me to see nearly enough.

    I’ve been drug back into professional photography.  It was an accident. I said I would do one families photos and all my old clients found out and now I am booked again for the season.  One of these days I will learn.  This weekend I have two more shoots, but Shea said she wanted to go with me and it will be fun to get in a few more hours with her before she moves.

    Well, it’s off to work I go.  Yesterday we took in a car that had a spark plug where the drain plug was suppose to be.  What adventure in car repair will I get to see today!?

  • Random and Odd

    damn it!


    Day 1: went for a 3.1 mile trot with my running group for our 5th annual New Year’s Mimosa Run.  I got home and fell asleep because I was feeling ‘off ‘.  Woke up and realized I had the stomach flu.
    Day 2: in bed all day because spent all day yesterday dealing with stomach pain galore and dealing with a lesser pain ( 7 out of 10 ).

    Not the way I planned on starting the new year, but after this pain goes away, I can get myself ready for a whole new year.  I am aiming for ’12 kind of happiness and contentment. This will require a huge amount of commitment and determination.
    No matter what, I’ll be alright.

    A bucket list for 2018?
    Travel…don’t care how I do it…more travel and lots more just for fun photos.  I decided that I am not going to be a working photographer any longer.  I lost the love of photography a few times since I started taking money for my photography.  No more. Only for fun now.
    Health…it’s important and mine right now (level 6) it’s the forefront of my mind.  No insurance and way to get it=must get healthy
    Travel. I think I mentioned this, but it’s important to not lose the momentum of travel.  Ireland was too beautiful to never see again.
    Love…I need to love, to give and receive on equal levels.