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It was 6am when my alarm went off and instead of having that hostage negotiation talk with my alarm clock and phone, I decided to get up and write.   There was a time when I didn’t schedule a time to purge through writing, I just sat down and did it.  Man I miss those days.

Today is June 1 and the way I see it, the first day of June is Summer. The last day of August is the last day of summer.
Welcome to the first day of Summer. I have 13 weekends to do all the stuff I want to do this summer.  It sounds daunting when I actually write it down. That’s not a lot of weekends and I have A LOT of stuff I want to do.  I am still very conscious of ‘TIME’ and how important it is and to not over commit to things.

Things I want to do this summer:
CAMP! I want to go camping A LOT.
Travel to places I have never seen.
Camp. Did I mention camping? I want to do that. a lottt. camp. yes.
It’s going to take a calendar and a plan of action.

Fuck. I suck at this. I got distracted by the boy getting ready for school and needing help getting his stuff ready.  I will try again tomorrow. Good thing no one reads this anymore.

Life is really good.

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I had the best birthday in the history of birthdays!

I ran my ‘Birthday Race’ and beat my time from last year by 15 minutes. That is huge for me.

After the race everyone gathered at my new place and we had a BBQ. I was surrounded by my friends and family. My travel agent and best friend both bought me my favorite whiskey (Red Breast). One bottle was gone within an hour and I only got a small glass. :(

My travel agent was so charming and everyone told me afterward that they loved him and understood why I liked my Ireland meetings so much.  
My mom and sister made it along with Dale’s mom, dad and son. Dan and the girls and my close friends came.

So Ireland!?!? Everything is paid for, booked and confirmed. It seems like it’s forever before Dale and I leave in September now that everything is done and just ready for us to get on a plane and go. Every week we meet and go over some important things we need to know about traveling in Ireland.  Last week it was driving.  I told Dale that I would pay for the rental and the insurance if he drove.  There is something frightening about driving on the opposite side of the road in a manual.  I think the first couple of days we will probably be laughing so hard as we figure it out.  We get a good laugh over just about everything though.  It’s going to be the trip that kicks off all our other trips in the future.  We are already talking about Italy next.

There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t say, “I love my life.”    I bought a book to write in and I write down my favorite moment of the day.  Most of them are because of J.  He is an amazing man with so much love, respect and kindness that I have missed for more years than I can remember. I love the look on his face when I get home from work. He greets me with a smile, a kiss and “i missed you” almost every time.  My heart skips just thinking about it.
My sister loves him and I realized why they get along so well.  They are both very much alike when it comes to their heart. They make sure you are smiling, happy and taken care of.  The rest of my family will meet him in May and I know they will love him too.
My two best friends, Birdie and Dale think he’s a good match for me too. The best part is that my girls agree that he is amazing and love him too.

Work has been about the same.  Every day I get to learn something new about vehicles.  The 39 is coming along well and only needs a few more things before it hits the road and we bring in another to be completed. I know how lucky I am to have such an amazing boss and work place.  My co-workers are the best and I adore all of them.

Life is good

9 miles

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Of hot icky heaven