• Random and Odd

    That’ll probably hurt tomorrow…

     Elevation Gain:1,288 ft Elevation Loss:1,298 ft MinElevation:541 ft MaxElevation:1,208 ft

    I got my Garmin up and running and have been playing with it non-stop.  Last week when Tabitha blew her calf out I got home and uploaded the information. It laughed at me.

    Today I got to take it out again and I got all the settings on it ALMOST perfect.  It was a great start of the hike/run.  We took it slow and then when the rain started coming down in sheets, we picked up the pace.

    When I got home and checked all my stats I was over the moon excited that for the first time I beat my goal per mile time!
    Tomorrow I start my half marathon training.  I love that the program starts me out slow, but I am way past that beginner place, but if I am going to do it right, starting at the beginning is what I am going to do.  To be honest, i’m only a smidgen certain I am going to actually do the half.  The thing is, it’s on pavement and I loathe running on the pavement.  Today was the perfect reminder of that as we were driving up to where we trail run we passed a bunch of people doing a race. Even though it winds through a less urban area, it’s still a bike trail and no matter what direction you look you see buildings and hear cars.  Whenever I see people running on the street I actually feel bad for them.  Don’t they know that just a little bit up the road there are amazing, muddy, soggy trails with giant hills and a million rocks?
    Okay, so that might not sound appealing to everyone, but as soon as my feet hit the mud I get giddy like a little girl.
    Since Lester started running with me, I try to hold back the little kid  in me.  There are times when I want to squeal, “YAYYYYYYYYYY!! LOOK AT WHERE WE ARE? ISN’T THIS BEAUTIFUL!!???”   I might have done that a few times today, but he couldn’t hear me because sheets of rain was pelting us for 3 solid miles and he lost his sense of adventure the last time I got him lost and tried to convince him I wasn’t.

    I was telling him about a few things and people I had met on the trail. ” I met a lady that ran the Western States 100 mile endurance run! WE WEAR THE SAME SHOES!! I met a guy once with a dog that if he stops running the dog starts barking madly at him to keep him moving.  Last week I am pretty certain these two trail runners saw my ass when I was peeing!”   Low and behold I saw ALL THREE of the people on the trail again today.  The guy with the dog was the most exciting.  He stopped to help redirect me in the right direction and the dog started going crazy. “LESTER! THIS IS THE DOG!!”
    I know I use the word magical a lot when describing my time out on my trails, but it always seems to fit…well, except the two guys seeing my ass. Not so magical.

    On another note, somewhat related, but not really…I got the outline to my book started.  Friday night I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of a book I started when I was about 17 years old.  The book is since long gone, probably stored somewhere at my dad’s house.  It got me to thinking about a book I do want to write and what it’s going to take to get me there.   While sitting in the hot tub on Saturday night I got the outline started.  The thing is, this is a big year for me.  A few different things are going to happen and it’s either going to take the book in one direction, or a different one.  I wished on a star for the first time in a million years. I can’t tell you what the wish was, but it was book related.

    I also made another big decision.  I’ll let you know how that one turns out next month. :)

    Hope you all had a great weekend!  CLICK HERE to read up on the continuing saga of transitioning from running shoes to barefoot trail runners.