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    Ladybug Bellagio

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    I’m gearing up for my weekend. By gearing up I mean; drinking absurd amount of coffee, watching HGTV, and finally learning how to use the Photoshop program Lester got me for Christmas.

    I’ve never used photoshop. I was given Photo Impact a million years ago by my dad and I wasn’t the one who mastered the use of it. I could change a few colors, but I figured if you can’t get the shot you want without the use of photoshop for basic touch up, you suck.
    My friend, Tammy has shown me a bunch of really neat things you can do with the program and I have been wanting to give them a shot, but with 5,000 other things to do I just put it on the back burner.

    Yesterday I went into the Garmin online program and I set my routes and goals. I am so excited to finally get a chance to use this thing as it was meant to be used…and then it started raining. NO, I am not complaining because I am giddy with excitement because I know that my trails are going to be all soggy and squishy! That is my favorite part of being a trail runner is that moment when you’re in the deep cut and you have to watch every single step you take. That’s usually when Tabitha starts singing the Indiana Jones theme.
    I thought that this weekend was my one year, but it’s really the weekend in January and I am going to be out of town. Who knows, maybe I can find a trail out there and get all muddy. Lester asked, “What if it’s raining?” when I mentioned getting out on the trails this weekend. “Then we get wet.”

    Run a 5k in 2012 is going well. I haven’t checked, but I think I actually bypassed my goal for 2012, but I don’t want to count yet. I’m just enjoying everyone sharing their stories with me and each other.
    My transition to barefoot running is going so slow it’s almost painful. Since the last time I pushed it, I have been taking it even slower. I want to bust out on a trail and see what I can do with them, but I don’t want to hurt myself.
    Last weekend I took them out for a quick 5 miles. Lester’s son said after watching me do some rock climbing without slipping at all, “I wish they had them in my size.” I had to laugh because his dad hates the look of them.
    Tabitha’s is doing better with her calf. She can now put some pressure on it and isn’t hobbling like she was earlier in the week. I was so worried this was going to take her out of the game for awhile, but she’s been taking it slow too and I think it’s almost time that we get back into the gym and start training for the summer.

    I’m doing good. I have been having weird days and I have to remind myself that it’s okay to be weak every now and again. It’s just this uncertainty in my life. There is only one person that can fix it and that’s me, so I am going to take the steps to get more stable.
    Well, there are about 3 more cups of coffee with my name on it and If it kicks in and stays kicked in I can find my yoga pants for the class I am about to sign up for! Yep…you hear that right…YOGA.