• Random and Odd

    I don’t watch any of the reality shows like Bachelor or Bachelorette, Real Housewives, Mob Wives… unless Tabitha is over lounging around after a run.

    Yesterday we got sucked into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I got sucked in because I had been cleaning most of the morning and I needed a break and it was on.
    They had these women, who in comparison to some of the shows I have been forced to watched, were somewhat stable.
    They are all from sort of famous background, but I had no idea who or what because I don’t subscribe to most of that. If you’re not on my Twitter feed, I had no idea what you’re doing, who you’re married to…
    This one woman; older, classy…and well put together with a cool accent was watching this other housewife who was a lot younger, no class and not so put together put her hand around her husband’s shoulder.
    It looked harmless enough, but the classy woman came unhinged for a moment.
    “Get your hands off my husband.”
    I actually cheered for her.

    If I have learned anything in my life being on both side of this story, is this…if you want to keep what you have….GET UNHINGED.

    We don’t get out too much with other people, but if and when we do and some woman is brave enough to get even a little bit flirty with my man, I will let her know that she can back the fuck right up and kick rocks.

    This is mine…and you can’t have it.