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    “and I was like, KA-POW!”

    “and I was like, KA-POW!”, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    This weekend I got to take Birdie and Mara out on a hike.
    WELL, I got to take them out on a half hike, because shortly after this picture was taken where we were all laughing and joking, Tabitha sprinted up a hill and the shit hit the fan.

    We had been walking for about two miles when Tabitha decided to sprint and about 10 feet up this hill, I saw her hit the ground and scream, “Mother Fucker!”. Tabitha doesn’t cuss on hikes (minus the trip we did training hill) and certainly not on Sunday. I thought she fell so I made my way up to her to see her clutching her leg.
    “IT POPPED! SOMETHING POPPED!” I thought she broke her leg. She let me know she didn’t and that she did something to the muscle in her calf. Oh shit. Dan took Mara and Birdie over Robie and down trailbed and I hobbled Tabitha back to the car.

    Even with the blinding pain she did so good. We stopped at one point and a family came up and a man and his wife offered to piggy back her back to the car. She gracefully declined and we kept on going…slowly. We laughed on the way back to the car more than we have laughed in a long time and with as much pain she was in, I didn’t think that would be possible.
    At one point a handsome man, and I mean HAWT guy rides up on a horse and offers to give her a ride back to the car. She declined ever so gracefully and he was off, bewildered why she would decline. I even had to ask her, “Why did you say no! I could have ran behind you!” She shyly stated, “I don’t ride with strangers.” Pointing out, “I’m injured, he knows I can’t run away!!”
    But it was part of the joy of her Pixie Dust…good looking men and horses, she happened to get both in one.

    We made our way further down the trail and we got her through the roughest part of the trail which is a waterfall in a deep cut in the canyon, shimming down to the waterfall and over the rocks. I managed to get her up the steep hill without even stopping.
    This was the second blessing of the trip. I egged her on, “you’re almost there. you got this. we are almost done. keep moving.” and I could hear all the times she had cheered me on when I was certain I couldn’t make it. There was a time when I couldn’t get up that hill without stopping twice. Now I can do it nearly carrying someone. Not only did she learn something about herself, but I learned something about myself…I’m one strong chick.

    We walked on, laughing at the fact that we were laughing in such a stupid situation. Then blessing three came running down the trail.
    “you okay?” the woman running was wearing a 50 mile endurance wicking shirt and a Western States 100 mile endurance run hat. She was in her 60’s. She was a woman. Sweet baby Jesus, what more could I ask for!? We chatted a bit where I asked her 500 rapid fire question and she answered every one. She headed on the way and I stopped and looked at Tabitha. “OH MY GOD! Seriously? What the fuck!?!” We just laughed at the fact that a handsome man on a horse showed up for her, a WS100 runner showed up for me. I couldn’t even imagine what more her Pixie Dust could provide!
    “Okay, since we both got everything we can ask for, I’m just going to fuck with the pixie dust and ask to see like, Elton John and Richard Simmons.”

    Yes, it was a fucked up situation, but one of the best trips out on that trail I have had in a whole year.
    Dan, Mara and Birdie made their way back around to us and knowing Tabitha was taken care of, I asked if I could please run. I took off down the hill and across No Hands Bridge.

    Our time for a 4 mile “hike” was 3 hours. I will PROUDLY clock that time!