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    Journey into 2012

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    I have been a little freaked out over 2012. Since 2011 was such an amazing year for me, I’m afraid that 2012 won’t even compare. Every time I get a little freaked out about it, I remember that 2011 didn’t make itself good, I made it good. The work I put into it was exactly what I got out of it.

    The start to this year has been slow. A few things have been already thrown my way and my anxiety level has been through the roof. Again, I am the only one that can fix them, but the desire to hide under the covers has been stronger than my desire to get outside and fix it.

    On the first of the year, Lester ran his first 5k. He did so much better than I could have ever imagined. I’m still trying to figure out how I got him to agree to do the 5k, but I am 100% certain it didn’t involve a tattoo. Joking with him I said, “You run a marathon with me and I will get another tattoo.” Now this is one I am certain he can’t hold me to!

    On Sunday morning we headed up to where I do the majority of my trail runs and hiking. I usually fill up my camelbak up all the way for a whole day hike, so I only filled it up half way for a short 3 miler. This turned out to be a mistake as I ran out of water only a mile in. Forgetting to calculate in the 3 glasses of wine I had the night before was stupid as I was much thirstier than I had thought I would be.
    The director of the race didn’t have any portapotties and we were reduced to 1 bathroom with 3 toilets which only one worked. I got back to the starting line right as the race was starting. We took off in a fast paced walk and then picked up to a slow jog. As we were still on the highway part of the run, I was passed by a man running with a horse. Only in Auburn would you see this.
    The downhill grade was ridiculous and not what either one of us had planned for. A mile downhill should have been an indicator that we would be running uphill at a similar grade.
    The day before we had gone on a small hike where I wore my Vibrams to get my leg muscles conditioned for further running in them. I was almost certain we wouldn’t be doing any running because Lester had just gotten his shoes and we also brought his 6 year old son. I was wrong. Lester and his son took off and I took it slow watching in awe as they were enjoying their time outside.
    Again, this little hike/run would play a part in the pain I would be in by the time we hit the uphill slop in the race. I did okay the first couple of hills because I was stretching out the calf muscles by making long strides. Lester seemed eager to take on the hills and I told him to run ahead and that I would catch up, maybe, probably not.
    The trail flattened out a little bit and I stopped for a few seconds to do some serious stretching. My calf muscles were screaming at me, but I pushed on to the next hill. Somewhere near mile two a long hill with a flat surface at the top showed itself and I decided to sprint up it. I did and when I reached the top my calf decided it was done. The only sensation I can compare it to is being hit in the back of the leg with a orange that had been heated to lava degree in the microwave.
    Fearing being pulled from the race for limping, I did my best to get through it and took it very slow.
    At the very end of the race where you come up out of the canyon I saw Lester walking towards me. Yay, I was almost done.
    “Hand me your camelbak.” He took it from me and handed me his bottle of water, “You want to run it in?” All I could think was running it in to the aid station. I got through it and never located the aid station. Using the cold sidewalk to ice my leg was the best that I could do.

    My time has never been important to me, but crossing the line and seeing 1:05 I was a little peeved, but in that same second I was proud of Lester because that means his time was going to be so much better.
    I tried to explain to him that if he did a conventional 5k without those massive hills, his time would have blown him away. He was happy with the hills though and that just shows me how well he will do out on the trails with me in this coming year.
    He did unbelievably well with only a week to prepare for his first race. There are a few more on the calendar for 2012, but I promised to not push him. I’ll have him on the weekends with me and that is more than this girl could have hoped for.

    I have a list of things I want to do this year.
    1. Climb Castle Crag in Shasta County.
    2. Half Dome in Yosemite.
    3. Lose another 40lbs
    4. Walk or run across the Golden Gate
    5. Learn how to rock climb

    I’m not sure how many of these I will get to do, but I have my goals set and I know the journey to my goals is what is going to make 2012 as wonderful as the last.