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    Ready for Graduation!

    On Monday, Victoria and I ran out at Sculpture Park and as beautiful as it was she insisted that we needed to do Ancil Hoffman park again before our run on Saturday.
    Today I headed out in her direction and got totally lost and ended up in Fair Oaks. By the time I got to the house I was in a pissy mood.
    Her friend Laura is visiting from Alaska and I have found that all of Victoria’s friends that live in Alaska are badasses so I skipped the pre run we normally do and decided to dive right into the 28 minute run.
    Victoria has done the 25 minute run and she looked pretty solid after we were finished so I bumped us up to the 28 minute one.
    A mile into it my calf decided to scream at me. I took a minute to take my long sleeve shirt off and stretch out as she caught up to me…and then she passed me with no intention of stopping. I walked for a minute and then began trotting up behind her.
    Checking my watch I said, “You just ran 2 miles non stop!” *HIGH FIVE* and we kept going until my watch announced it was time to start our cool down.
    “Oh hell no, you’re not stopping. Let’s go for 30 minutes!” and she kept going.
    The 30 minute mark came and went and we continued to run.
    Checking my watch again I noticed that we were almost to 2 and half miles. She said she would start walking at that point…so I didn’t tell her when we got there and just kept running.

    The badass thing about Victoria is that she won’t stop running unless I stop. Today I stopped and she kept going and when I saw that I had this huge smile on my face. She knew we weren’t done and she knew I would catch up with her in a minute after I got all my shit put back together.

    At 2.7 we passed the car and kept going. The days of having to shout out at her how long we have left or words of encouragement are no longer needed.
    My watch beeped at 3 miles and slowed to a walk and held out my hand, “HERE IS YOUR FINISH LINE!” and she ran it in.

    She ran for 44 straight minutes and ran 3 miles without stopping.

    We officially have 3 weeks left of this program, but now she can’t ever say she can’t do it. She will always know that no matter what time or distance I put as her goal that she CAN do it.

    Back in September we made a bet that if I won, she would have to run a half with me. If she won I would have to wear a jersey of team I hate.
    She was so nervous that she would have to run a half marathon if she lost the bet. She didn’t lose though.
    Today I sent her the training program for a half. She’s excited!

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    The night before the race, the wind was crazy. I woke up the morning of the marathon and I thought they would have to cancel it because the rain was coming in sideways and the drops were the size of kittens!
    I checked Facebook and Amanda was getting on the bus to head to the starting line. Birdie picked me up and we headed over to meet up with Victoria, her mom and Amanda’s husband.
    The rain…was ridiculous. Birdie and I kept laughing all the way there, “This is just stupid.”

    We found our spot at mile 14. No runners had been through at that point and we were huddled under the bus stop signs in hand. When we saw the police cars coming down we knew the runners were coming through.
    We stood out there for 2 hours cheering for each and every runner.
    It was fun to watch them as they slowly read the sign and then they would start laughing and point. I heard, “BEST SIGN EVER!” and “THANK YOU. I NEEDED THAT!”
    Don and I would laugh at all the people who would laugh and point.
    I was waiting for someone to roll their eyes, but no one did. They seemed happy to have someone stupid enough to stand in the pouring rain to cheer for them.

    For me this was an awesome experience. I had 2 hours to look at all the really cool shoes and point out what I wanted to buy. “I want that jacket. Oh, look at those arm sleeves! I want those. NEAT HAT!” it was like a fashion show!

    By the time Amanda and Ashlee got there the sign was falling apart and I tossed it after they headed on. We piled in the car soaked all the way through and headed to mile 21.
    Don was texting with Amanda so we knew she was at mile 20 and struggling a bit with the wall. I kicked off my shoes and socks and took off my poncho, 2 jackets and started back the mile to meet up with her. I made it about a half mile and I saw her power walking. I ran along side of her and talked to her, to get her mind off what was getting to her.
    “Okay, what would you do different next time.” She laughed at the ‘next time’. I told her she might not ever want to do this again, but she will once her butt was done cramping and she was fully recovered.
    At this point I saw this guy who was wearing these shoes that the woman at Fleet Feet was trying to sell me. They were all cushion. I think they are called Hoya or something, he looked down at me barefoot running with my friend and said, “I am SO JEALOUS of your bare feet right now!”
    This woman looked down and looked at me and said, “OMG, you’re amazing doing this whole thing barefoot!”
    I laughed, “NO NO NO, I’ve only did about a mile of this barefoot, SHE is the amazing one! She’s the one running this!!” and hugged Amanda to me.

    Proud doesn’t cover it. I wish there was a word bigger than proud to describe how I feel for my friend.

    Today Victoria and I did our run in Sculpture Park. Nellie came and we ran her day with her and then walked ahead to the 2 mile point so we could run the whole 2 miles back. When the evil lady in my phone said, “You are half way!” I was surprised. I felt much better than I normally do at the half way point. My pace was all over the board because I spent a good solid 5 minutes yelling at my Pandora station. It was stuck on a commercial and kept playing it over and over like a damn rap song. I couldn’t get it to quit to find a new program to use and as soon as I figured it out, it found a cool song and I was forced to be Pandora’s bitch.

    Victoria kicked ass today. I look at her and remember week one, day one at this girl struggling with 60 seconds of running and now she is pushing on and ready to go for 30 straight minutes. I remember her first 1 mile straight and today she did two without stopping.
    If absolutely nothing comes from my running except the fact that I proved to Victoria that she could, I will be the happiest person in the world with that accomplishment.

    Next up. Her graduation 5k.
    We are all doing the Resolution Run. We even have a few Honey Badgers signing up. I think it will be great for Bitsy and Birdie to meet because Birdie just needs to run with someone who is as fast or faster than she is and runs marathons to prove to her that she can do it too. I am going to say it…I bet you that Birdie runs a half marathon this year. She has only ran a 10k at the most…but just watching her, I know she can do it!

    I believe.

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    Pouring Rain…paused.

    IMAG1322, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    On Monday, Victoria convinced one of the hockey wives to come out and do Day 1 Week 1 of the Couch to 5k program. I was really happy for her that she is now motivating others.
    The next day, both of us sore from doing the D1W1 and then turning around and doing our D1W7 run, but we had promised we would take a co-worker out for a run.
    The weather sucked ass and I tried my best to convince them that we would be struck down by lightning if we decided to proceed with this run. It didn’t work. They both showed up ready to run.
    I was really proud of Aaron who did W4D1 without any problems.
    It had been super windy with pouring rain all morning, but as soon as we got going I found a penny on the ground. I made my wish that it would stop raining and low and behold it did!
    I’m not a fan of running in the rain, but the sputtering wasn’t so bad. I found a great stride and was happy with it. Aaron kept up and Victoria, even though she was behind me was happy with her stride as well. It was a successful day.
    She let me know that something is wrong with her hip and an in an attempt to step over a shoe, she fell over. Looks like both of us are hurting.
    I emailed Gordon and he sent me an email back with nothing more than, “How’s what’s his name doing?”
    I let him know that What’s His Name is doing great, but has taken to mountain biking, but still goes out with me on occasions. I think he had high hopes of running the WS100 next year with him. Yes, he has potential. I remember. Suck it, sweetie, he’s MINE. If he’s going to run WS100 with me, he better get to moving as Road To Cool and AR50 come first!
    I told him about my hip and knee issues and he gave me some advice. He’s a funny man and I really like him.

    This weekend is the California International Marathon. Amanda and Ashlee are running it and Victoria and I are doing motivational pit crew at mile 14 and 19. We are going to put together our signs and load them up for our early trip on Sunday.

    The weekend after that we have Victoria’s 5k as her ‘graduation’. I’m hoping that she’s ready for it and not in too much pain. I don’t care how much I hurt, i’m going to run with her and encourage her every step of the way! It will be so cool because we have a bunch of running team running with us. Then a couple weeks after that we have our first run of 2013 as our team.
    Everything seems to be coming together as far as the races we have picked.
    Birdie put together one run and I haven’t decided on the one I want to do yet. There is one race I want to do, but it conflicts with a half marathon trail run I have been kicking around. Who knows if I will even be ready for that one.
    Lester hasn’t picked his race, but I am excited to see which one he does choose. My guess is it will be the Dirty Secret again. I wouldn’t mind that as that was one of my favorite trail runs!!

    I’m glad to see 2012 coming to an end and 2013 starting. It’s been 3 really great years of ups and downs *wiggling eyebrows* and I think I learned a lot from them.
    With a good solid group of friends with healthy things to keep us motivated, I am sure the next year will kick last years ass!

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    2 days of YUM!

    We spent Pre- Thanksgiving at Ina and Eric’s place. It was nice to have time with Ashley too because she got to sneak home!

    Thanksgiving was a quiet night at home with just Lester and I. He deep fried the turkey and said it was the best one he has ever made. I had to agree as it was the best one i’ve had!

    Now it’s back to the grind.

    I got Dan off the couch today to do his day 3 of his Couch 2 5k. I did his day and then turned around to do my day. I was 3 minutes short of my goal time so after the photoshoot tomorrow I will have to go back out and try it again.
    Not sure if it’s my new shoes or so much of the pavement, but it hurts.

    The best news of all is that I got one of my kids their Christmas presents. OMG. it’s the best! I can’t wait for Xmas now!
    Daddy is coming again this year and I can’t wait to get the tree and decorations up. It’s not even December yet, so I better not push it.

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    2012 Thankful Listing

    2, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    I did one of these last year. A few things have changed, but mostly it’s about the same.
    Still miss Kara, still love Lester, still love my car even though it’s not running right now, still happy the kids are healthy.

    Looking back at this year, I think I am most grateful of friendship. Being devoted to something and the Serenity prayer.

    First is friendship. This year I ended a friendship and it was worth every single penny I lost because of it. It was one of those eye opening losses and I struggled with it until I had talked to another friend and it was the same way their friendship ended and I realized it wasn’t just me that got burned and I felt okay with it and then was able to let go.
    Right at this time I met Victoria. I didn’t really have any intention of having another friend. I was going dig myself into my hole and not let another person in.
    She came over and helped me paint my new place and then we started running together and a friendship was formed.
    I took the time to look around at the people in my life and how I was still surrounded by the goodness of friendship and how one is taken away only to be replaced with someone that can fill that hole and wipe that smudge of toxic filth off your lens so you can fully see how lucky you are.

    I’m grateful for being devoted to something. In April I was lucky enough to run with Gordon and we talked through email and he said, “Lester is a natural, you will need to keep at it.” …I told Lester this and he was afraid I would be discouraged. In the least. It’s been almost a year and I am the one still out there running and trying and dragging people with me. He does do some races and I am grateful for that.
    This week I was out running the trails and I hit the part of the trail where him and I got deep in our conversation and it reminded me of his words and I smiled because here I am…still at it.

    The Serenity prayer is something I have shortened so I can grab it when I start to feel discouraged.
    Can I change this? What can I change about what I feel about this? If I can’t control it, I can control my response to it.

    I’m going to always be the person that loves too much. I’m going to be the person that hugs. I am going to be the person that lets in stray people in my life because they are misunderstood and I am going to take the side of the hurting person.
    Because of this, I get hurt.
    I’m not going to be loved back the way I love. I am not going to be the person that gets a random hug and I am going to be left out of feeling things I wish I could.
    I can’t control that, but what I can control is the ability to give what I am given and no more.

    It’s enough. for now…but I have the courage to change it.

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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    HOHOHO! (no, i’m not talking about you)

    hello santa!, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    I’m pretty excited for the whole month of December. I just found out that three more team members of Run With Rusty Scissors have signed up for our Holiday Run!
    We have also signed up for our first race of 2013.

    It’s going to be a good year!

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    oh this is going to hurt!

    5 miles!, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    I am trying to get back into the Vibrams for the winter months of running, so I took them out for a spin today on the trails.
    Even though Victoria is out of town, I am still sticking to doing the couch to 5k program with her. She did her run with her cousin in Seattle. I decided to take mine up to my playground.
    A few failed attempts at 22 minutes, I finally got the hang of running in my shoes on the trails again. The first two and half miles was running and waiting for Dan. He decided to start the program and he’s on week one. I never realized how short 1 minute of running was. I would find myself wayyyy ahead of him and having to stop and wait so I would have a witness to the bear or mountain lion mauling I was sure to take. He finally caught up and I decided to just do his week 1 with him and then on the way back, do my week 7 or 8…whatever I am on now.

    We started out together and he held up until about a mile and half and then he started walking. I wasn’t going to stop until we got back to the bridge. And I didn’t. Two and half mile trail run without stopping. 33 minutes, but I will take it. :)

    I was loving this so much and I know that next week I go back to street running so I was enjoying every single second of breathing the wonderful fall air and the red beautiful trees.

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    it’s decided.

    Steven’s Trail, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    As a part of the 2013-Living the Dash tour, I’ve decided there is a few things I would like to do.

    I am putting together a hike in the Harper’s Ferry or Shenandoah Valley portion of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia/West Virginia.

    There is a 63 mile portion that I want to do, but I have to take into consideration the people that are going and the time restraints we have. I want to see the fall leaves so I want to go in September/October.

    New York can wait. I want to hike the Appalachian Trail in 2013.