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    Going home!, originally uploaded by Suddenly Single.

    Saturday morning I was hell bent on sleeping in, but I woke up at 6am and couldn’t go back to sleep. So much for the excitement of not setting that damn alarm!
    I logged on Facebook and chatted with an old high school friend for an hour and then right as I was debating if I wanted to go for a jog or stay in bed and watch an old 80’s movie, I got a text from Tabitha.
    “Best time yet!” followed by her 2 mile time and picture.
    I love her, I truly do, but I could have killed her at 7am when my guilt started kicking in.
    I had eaten 4 bites of fettuccine the night before and the brain twisting guilt was too much to handle. I grabbed the phone and pulled another early morning phone call to the ex. “Get up. Going on a hike.” He agreed in another sleep induced fog.
    We grabbed a couple bananas and granola bars, which he enjoyed giggling over the fact that he called it bird food, and some water and headed back up to Foresthill, which is quickly becoming my favorite place in the world.

    On our way up to the hike, we both had joked around that we were going to probably push each other off the cliff, dump the body in a dumpster…typical joking stuff.
    The first leg of the hike was straight up hill. Before the second switch back I was certain this was his plan, to kill me with this hill…then I remembered it was my idea.
    We stopped and looked over the cliff edge and I looked at him and said, “You realize that if one of us doesn’t come back, after the comments on facebook, one of us is going to jail for murder?”

    On the way up the second switchback I was cursing at him for his ability to just chit chat away and none of his talking included, “Holy fuck this is steep fucking hill, what the fuck are we doing this for again?” because that was going through my head the whole time.

    By the time we got to the top of where I put my foot down as ‘far as I will go uphill’ I had gotten past the whole “i wanna go home, this sucks, why am I doing this, i hate outside, I hate that man, my legs hurt, my feet hurt, i’m thirsty.” silent temper tantrum I was having. I was actually enjoying the burn and the lack of air.
    We agreed to try this trail and see where it took us. The first part seemed like a walk in the park with trees, streams, nature…not a sound but Dan’s talking and our feet hitting the rocks. We found a steep part that was meant for mountain biking and ended up jogging down it. There was only one point where I got scared. It wasn’t the cliff or the momentum I gained running down the hill. It was the 3 mountain bikes that came out of NO WHERE at a speed I have never seen a bike go! I swear on all that is holy that I screamed like Pee Wee Herman and nearly ended up jumping on Dan’s back I was so scared. Of course I laughed and felt really sorry for the mountain bikers because I think i scared two of them into taking a whole new route.

    After we got back to the car, we decided to push forward a little further and ended up walking another 2 miles. We found the most beautiful part of the river because of it.

    It might not have been the smartest thing to do, but I then got in the car for three hours and drove to Redding. By Williams my legs were cramping up. Even smarter than that was the three miles I walked with my sister the next morning on the river trail. The fact that walking to the jeep hurt should have been the first clue for me to knock it off, but I love the river trail and didn’t want to miss out. AND because of it…i was rewarded. I accomplished my 30 miles in 30 days goal that my friend had set for herself and motivated us to follow along.
    This woman is such an inspiration with all that she does for her family and her friends.

    This next weekend, I am going to sleep in on Saturday and on Sunday I am going to take my friend out to hike, because football…CAN SUCK IT.
    (that feels like one of the best habits I have ever quit!)