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    The longest weekend in history!

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    It feels like my weekend started on Thursday when my brothers and sister came to visit.
    On Friday they left and Alyx and her birthday party showed up at 3pm. She wanted a Toy Story theme, and who am I to deny a 14 year old? When they staggered out of the house on Saturday morning, we got the house in order for my friends Matt and Leslie to come visit.

    I don’t feel like I have really slept in days.

    My ankle is finally getting better and I am going to get back into the gym tonight. I’m going to start going every night until the muscle memory comes back.
    On Saturday night I got my ass kicked at Wii bowling and again on Sunday I was sore. It just doesn’t seem right that I am sore after playing video games.

    The dates have been finalized for this years activities.
    April 29th; Kathy, Judy and Mom go skydiving for the first time.
    March 25: My birthday party in…Vegas? Reno? Alaska (no), Tahoe? Who knows.
    May 27: Sacramento Jazz Festival & Jubilee.
    August 13: Climb Mt. Lassen
    November 24th: Turkey Trot in Redding with Kathy and Judy.

    It’s not much, but it’s what we have planned for the year. We are more than likely going to add more, but this is the rock solid stuff that is going to happen or we are going to die trying.

    Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, say what needs to be said…but i’m still planning ahead and keeping SOME stuff to myself ;)