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    I am his Robin

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    Jeremiah came to stay with his Auntie Awesome and his sisters this weekend. He brought his Xbox and his Lego Batman game.

    There was a time when I would spend hours and hours playing this game and so when he asked me if I knew how to play, I said yes.
    He was so excited!

    Since 8:30 this morning we have been playing non-stop. He’s happy because he’s getting to levels that he has never been to yet.
    The thing is, he’s Batman. I am Robin. This is the story of my damn life with this game. I never get to be Batman! Men (and 4 year olds) insist on being Batman. So much so that when I told him I needed to take a break, he wouldn’t turn off his remote because he didn’t want to lose being Batman.

    I’m a pretty smart person, but this kid is off the chart smart. I have been hanging out with him without the girls around for a few hours and it’s like hanging out with a teenage boy. He’s that smart!
    “Auntie, I can do all of that and get us where we need to go, but you need to follow me, watch my back and read the stuff that I don’t know how.”
    That is all I am good for, just reading the bigger words on the screen.

    He’s my cuddle bug too. He looked over at me and said, “Auntie, I love you so much! I’m glad I get to come here and stay with you. ” My eyes get all teary and then he said, “What are you going to feed me for breakfast?” and I realize that he’s such a man! He worked me from the get go with that line about loving me and then BAM with the food! He got cereal. Until he’s old enough to take out the trash, I won’t be making him scrambled eggs and bacon any time soon.

    Last night Tabitha and I went to meet a friend at the local haunt. The car ride there and back was the best part for me. She was busting out Rapper’s Delight and at a stop sign an Escalade of teenage boys pulled up and tried to get her attention, she rolled down the window and without loosing a beat, hit the chorus and sang it like a pro! I was cracking up as they threw her the “rock on” sign.

    That morning I had decided to tackle this hill by my house. I have lived here for 15 years and I have drove the hill many times and seen people biking and running up it. I have even seen a teenager taking a skateboard down it and 15 wild turkeys crossing it, but I have never in all this time thought I should attempt to walk up it. Why? I have a car.
    I called Dan. In his sleep fog he agreed to wake up and put on his gym clothes to get coffee. It’s a good thing I called him and got him to agree before he woke up and caught on to what I was doing. We hit the road he asked which one we were going to and I told him, “The one by my house, down Thunder Hill and then back up.”
    He didn’t fight me on it at all. I think he realizes that I have his best interest at heart. We warmed up going down the hill and then went back up and kept going. On a cold Saturday morning we walked 3.3 miles.
    When I got home I knew I had once again blown it by walking on my bad ankle. It had not healed yet and this is the second time I have pushed myself before it was.

    At the local haunt I was tempted by the call of the Electric Slide. High heels, slipper dance floor and a bad ankle was not the best combination.
    This morning I am paying the price for that action as well as the urban hike I had taken that morning.
    Jeremiah is taking advantage of my state by insisting that I help him get past the Poison Ivy level. He is promising me that if I do, I will be his favorite Auntie Awesome.
    I decided to call in reinforcements because after 2 hours my ankle and now my ‘kick joker ass’ finger is sore. I don’t believe they will make it fast enough though.

    “Auntie, you have had time to rest, it’s time to get back to playing. Poison Ivy won’t kill herself for me.”
    I’ve forgotten how exhausting being a mother of a 4 year old is. He’s the best guy out there and so very easy to take care of and love.
    He said, “Mommy!” the other day and I looked down at him and said, “Yes?” He laughed, “the other one.” Tabitha just laughed too. The village might have gotten smaller and moved a little bit, but we are still his family and always will be.
    As I type, he is on my knees playing his video game and looking back at me smiling happy.

    Yes, I am STILL glad my life is exactly the way it is and I am the lucky one who gets to live it!