• Random and Odd

    oh my goodness!

    Alyx turned 14 today.  Four.TEEN.

    Let me go back to yesterday when I was writing Kara’s half page yearbook dedication.  I started with, “I should have known what kind of woman you would become when you were just a baby…stubborn and strong willed.”

    Looking back at Alyx at just an infant and seeing her now, it’s all very clear what kind of woman she is becoming.  She has always been funny, but it wasn’t until ‘texting’ and ‘facebook’ that I have really seen where her humor comes out best.  I hope she writes a book someday that makes people laugh like she makes me laugh.
    She’s going to be able to do whatever she decides is worthy of her time, because she’s smart and most things are pretty effortless for her.
    Of course, she is beautiful.  Her inner beauty and all that makes her the tiny, little bit of a package she is going to make her life so beautiful.

    My birthday wish for my sweet Ally Cat:
    I hope for you that your friendships are long. You don’t put up with anyone’s crap and be a leader in the things you find passion for.  Be yourself, because you’re the most amazing person I know. You are smart, pretty, dorky, moody, you make people laugh and you never make anyone feel bad for who they are.  Those are the things that make you who you are and if people can’t love AND ACCEPT you and what you have to offer, kick them out of your life, princess!  You’re not perfect, you’re messy and confusing and sometimes a pain in the ass.  It’s those things that make you so awesome!  You are part Seguin and that side of you will get you through the hardest times in your life!
    I love you Princess Doodle Do.