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    Adding one more…

    I finally got to meet the original Baland!!
    This is Jen and for years I had only heard stories of her. None of which were good.

    For those of you that are following along, go get your flowcharts so you can update it.
    This is DB’s brother’s FIRST wife. They divorced about a year or two before DB and I got together.
    Tabitha works in the same building (or in the same area) and they had ran into each other awhile ago. It’s taken this long for all of us to finally get together. I wasn’t sure if we would get along, according to all the stories I had heard, we would be like oil and vinegar.
    I watched as she came back into the kids lives and how much they love her and how she was so open and honest with them. She wanted to spend time with them and get to know them for who they are now.
    She was even amazing with my girls!

    I wasn’t expecting her humor though. She was so adorable and funny!!

    We have convinced her that she will join us in our Hiking with the Exes.

    Welcome to our Village Jen!

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    Packing up!

    Just peeking, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    It was this time last year that I was moving into this beautiful home. I had gotten rid of so much stuff, which seemed silly because I was moving into a bigger home. It was time to clean house and get a new start on my life. This home was picked because it was down the street from the home I lost to foreclosure. Each of my children’s school was located less than a half mile from here. It was exactly what I needed at the time.

    Now it’s a year later and I am ready to move again. The loss of my job will not allow me to stay here. I can still afford the rent, but the month to month bills are too much for me to be able to keep up with.

    I’m not big on packing up, but this time I am actually kind of excited. Everything is put into piles. Keep. Donate. Sell. Store.
    I’m looking at things that I held so dear to me and thinking, “it can go now.”
    My motto this year, ‘Let Go’ has gotten me so far.

    This last year has been amazing. So many great things have come to me just by simply letting go of all the stuff that was holding me back.
    Success won’t meet my where I am comfortable and I need to keep reminding myself that as I start on this new book.

    Kara and I watch this show about people buying second homes in other countries. “How do people get to the point to where they have enough money to not only own one home in the US, but then to be able to go buy another in another country…for vacations?!” Having to accept the fact that I will not ever be one of those people, or even being able to be someone that can ever go on a true vacation again is something I struggle with.

    It’s a brand new year again…and who knows what this year will bring me.
    I’m just hoping it’s a moving team and someone who likes to unpack kitchen stuff!!

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    making wrong choices!

    random hiking/trail running, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    I haven’t kept up on Hiking With the Exs. I fell behind and I can’t remember half the hikes we did between then and now. At some point I am going to have to catch back up.
    Last week we did one hike that was only like 7 miles and then drove an hour to do another that was about 4. It was a weird day for trail running.
    Yesterday we had set out to do this elusive run I have been trying to do for nearly a year and when we got out there we found out deer season just started and it wouldn’t be a bright idea to be out running in the woods. We picked a trail that was more populated closer to town.
    At the beginning of the hike I asked Dan, “I wonder if I will like this trail?” He laughed because he knew that I would love it or hate it and if I hated it, EVERYONE was going to have to hear about it.
    I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it so much.
    It was 7k feet of elevation loss and gain throughout the whole hike. I am pretty certain I was either going up hill or going downhill….no flatlands to be found.
    I’m sure I’m wrong, but I lost my mind around mile 5.

    Around mile 7 I started to feel sick. I’ve had pains in my legs, my hip go out, blisters like you wouldn’t believe…but I’ve never felt sick to my stomach like I did yesterday. I tried running through it and I had to hold my stomach. It didn’t take long before I started feeling dizzy.

    After that part of my day was over I went home, showered and fell asleep for an hour before I headed to Lester’s game.
    As I am driving over to the ice rink i’m thinking, “If I just pull over and throw up I will be fine.” but I didn’t dare take the risk. I made it through the game and back to his house.

    I know what the problem was…. Salami. Not such a bright idea for trail running food. We had packed Salami sandwiches and I think it was trying to kill me.

    I woke up this morning feeling like I spent all night dancing, drinking battery acid and pounding my head against a brick wall.

    Salami…you are no friend of mine!

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    rolling again…


    Now that things have settled down a little bit in my world, I can catch everyone up.
    On Thursday morning we sent Kara off to Virginia.  I didn’t have time to get too upset because on Friday morning I was let go from my job of two and half years.  It was a little shocking because I made it through the first round of lay offs and it looked as if I was actually getting more responsibilities.
    I love the HR lady and I knew once we sat down it was going to be hard on her and to make it easier on her, I tried to be strong.  As she was talking to me, I sent a text to Lester to let him know what was going on. “What are you doing?”  The smart ass side of me wanted to say, “Putting in the code word to erase my computer and put the place on lock down.” But I could see she was trying to get through this as professionally as possible and joking wasn’t want she needed. “Just sending my boyfriend a text to let him know what happened.”    She worked her way through the whole exit and said, “If there is ANYTHING you need, please tell me.”  I couldn’t hold back, “A job.”  Poor woman, she held up pretty good.  I walked her to my computer and showed her all that would be needed to continue to track all that I have been doing since I started working there.
    As soon as I left, I went and filed for unemployment, went to the courthouse to take care of some stuff that needed to be taken care of and went and filed out the paperwork to get an apartment.   It’s really difficult to get an apartment when you have no job…just saying.

    I was waiting for the break down I was surly going to have, but it never came.   There was just too much to be done to be able to bounce back and there was no time to feel sorry, get sad, be angry.  Tuesday came around and I had my dentist appointment so it would have to wait until after that.  No, I was in too much pain to even think of anything other than, ‘Get me the fuck out of here!”  FOUR HOURS and I SHIT YOU NOT, 18 shots to numb my tooth and it NEVER took.   Tabitha came over after dropping Marina off at school and made me something to eat.  I fell asleep for an hour, woke up and sent Lester a text to tell him I couldn’t drive over.  After that, everything got a little foggy until I woke up at 5:30 am.
    I checked my text messages to find that Lester was coming over but then realized I wasn’t awake and then sang me a little song.  I checked the text that I sent him trying to figure out why he was singing to me and apparently I said, “I hate those cock suckers!” None of which I remember sending.
    Marina came in around 6am this morning to fill in the gaps…she said she came in around 9pm last night to let me know she was staying the night.  “Okay, come lay down” and I patted the bed.  This I do not remember either.
    I slept for 13 straight hours and HOLY HELL did I have to pee when I woke up this morning!

    It’s been a strange few days and I know I am going to be fine…or I keep telling myself that until it does get better.  I’ve already started packing up my house and gone through and decided what needs to be sold at a yard sale so I can put the rest of stuff in storage.  That is always the hardest part of my life, giving up my independence and heading into the next part of the unknown.

    I’m strong and I know I won’t be here long.  Ya’ll ready to read the next book of my life?   because this isn’t just a new chapter, it’s a whole new book!

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    It’s only been two days…

    Untitled, originally uploaded by Random and Odd.

    and I miss her so much.

    She sent me a picture, text and email and it’s making it easier.

    If only I could figure out how to use Skype on my new laptop I would be in business.

    Spent the day cleaning out Lester’s garage. It kept my mind off all that’s going on in my life right now.

    I’ll write more when I have something interesting to talk about.

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    things i’ll miss when bear bear leaves…

    Kara and Marina – 2005  “sisters”

    1. random singing.
    2. ipod playing every morning when she gets ready.
    3. coop’ins.
    4. late night runs to Tops for us.
    5. stupid tv shows i wouldn’t watch it wasn’t for her.
    6. being able to talk dorky to her and making her laugh until she cries.
    7. our secrets.
    8. my co-pilot
    9. when she’s sick she calls me and i make it all better.
    10. when i’m sick she takes care of me…since she was 8 years old and brought me a Otter Pop and mimicked me when I told her, “Otter Pops, make it all better.”
    11. someone that gets me, really truly understands me.
    12. someone that can see that i’m sad and won’t stop asking me what’s wrong when i say nothing. she never gives up. she’s either nosey or really does care. then makes it all better by listening and then making me laugh.
    13. just flat out going to miss my daughter..for a long time, until she comes home again.

    I’m gunna miss my bear-bear!

    Many of you know that Random and Odd started as a way to keep my mom and sister informed of my whereabouts and goingson, I am going to spend the next year writing to Kara while she is in VA going to school and starting her new life.

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    This last month has been a busy one and it doesn’t look like September is going to be any slower.

    In this last month I have climbed a mountain (or a ‘peak’ according to my brother), I’ve gone camping and I’ve worked very hard on my relationships.

    With Kara leaving in a couple of weeks I wanted to do something fun that wouldn’t cost us too much money.  We decided to go camping. For those of you that know me, know I have all the camping gear I thought we would ever need.  I believed this until I went camping with my friend Bonnie.  After two days of camping with her I realized I am missing out on so much. Alyx decided to nickname her “Walmart” because if at any point we needed anything Bonnie had it. She was a walking Walmart.
    She has a boat which made the lake we were camping on a whole lot more exciting.  The girls did some tubing, kneeboarding and tried to get up on the wakeboard.  It was a memory I won’t soon forget.   The last  night we sat around the campfire playing “Famous Names” for hours.

    This last couple of weeks I’ve had a few new breakthroughs in my relationship.  This week we decided to see if we could clean out a bedroom dresser drawer without it being a big deal.  I have my own side of the bathroom and there hasn’t been an issue.  We stood back and waited to see what the dresser would do after my clothes were put inside.  It didn’t buck or spit them out.  When we got up in the morning the dresser was when we went to sleep.  SUCCESS!
    I was also rewarded with my very own towel on the towel rack.  It was a good week relationship wise. 
    This week his Sister in Law is coming to town and I offered to help him clean up a little bit.   My version of cleaning and his version of cleaning vary.  When I clean I like to put things away, I organize, I move shit around.   This is the quickest way to send him into a cardiac arrest.  
    To his credit, he did very well. 
    I think my smart ass comment shut him up. When he saw me moving some books around and asked, “What are you doing?” …I looked up at him with paper towel and Windex in hand and said, “My taxes.”  He did his eye roll, half laugh and loving slap and shut up after that.
    In the past two days I have managed to put stuff away, scrub a few floors and move all kinds of stuff around and he hasn’t given me any shit.  In our relationship this is HUGE.  His stuff is his stuff. His stuff has a place and it’s where he put it.  To move his stuff opens up a can of worms I am not ready to deal with…but I did and I feel more a part of this place and I think he can now trust that I won’t toss his shit out or ‘lose’ it.
    It was a compromise: I got to clean and move stuff around and he didn’t have to watch me pout when I didn’t get to.  Totally fair trade off if you ask me!

    Alyx won 3rd row tickets to see Taylor Swift in concert.  Kara put in to win through a writing/picture thing and we find out in a few hours if she won. I am feeling pretty confident that she will win. If she does she’s taking her friend Kianna who has taken her to a bunch of concerts over the years and it will make Kara so happy to be able to finally take her to one.  If she doesn’t win Alyx said she wants Kara to go with her.  Either way, Kara and Alyx are going to see Taylor Swift on Saturday. 

    This month I am flying out to Oregon to take pictures of a couple of elementary school friends family photos.  I’m happy to be able to actually hang out with them. I get to see one when she comes to California to get in a few skydives or the other when she’s in Redding running in a race or something, but it will be awesome to spend the whole weekend getting to know their family and to be able to sit back and talk without distractions (other than their kids)

    Things are rough, but emotionally I am pretty strong and keeping my head up.
    I get by with a little help from my friends…

  • swype

    Adventures in Swype

    It’s been about a year or so that I got my phone that is ‘smart’.  It’s been less than a year that I have “Swype”.  If you don’t have swype, a quick explanation: You run your finger over the word you want to type and it magically types what you were thinking. It’s magic…it’s fucking magic.

    I don’t mind so much when it changes ‘and’ to ‘nad’ or ‘so’ to ‘do’.  Most people get it and move on with the conversation.

    There are only three circumstances in which a swype fuck up sucks: in a text fight or when it just decides to change the whole freaking sentence on you and the worst; when it makes you look perverted (as seen on DYAC on a daily basis…you don’t think it will happen to you UNTIL IT DOES)

    1.  THE FIGHT: In a heated conversation with my boyfriend I stated, “I’m done with this conversation!” and I was DONE WITH THE CONVERSATION. I was NOT happy and about to say some things I would surly regret when I wasn’t so pissed off.  Instead I was going to take the high road and end the conversation with “I will see you in the morning”  EXCEPT swype changed ‘see’ to ‘sewer’.
    I was winning that debate until SWYPE made me look like a jackass.

    2. CHANGING THE SENTENCE: In another conversation with my boyfriend and we were working out our plans for the evening.
    “I have the field gunfight.”  and I hit send without reading because it’s been a good long time since Swype  has decided to dick me around.
    I looked back down at the phone and reread what I just sent.  Yeah, no field gunfights, better resend that one:   “I have the GIRLS TONIGHT.”
    He thought the field gunfight would be more fun.

    3. PERVERTED:  In another recent conversation with my boyfriend: “Hey baby! I sold another one of your dick straps!”
    Yeahhhhhhhh…meant DUCK STRAPS.
    and that started a whoooooole other conversation.

    Sometimes I wonder why he puts up with me and then I remember that I send some very flavorful texts (and sometimes I don’t even mean to!)   :)

    Oh, and I make him laugh…