• Random and Odd

    Life at a Dropzone!

    My friend Wendi called me and told me that I HAD to get to the dropzone last Saturday so I of course, being the good friend that I am, I did.

    This weekend I am taking Kara out to learn how to pack a parachute.  She is going to go through AFF for her senior year project and after she passes and begins to go through the process of learning, packing your own chute is on the list.   Being my daughter, she doesn’t want to wait that long.
    My sky friends have moved into the sky family status and they have offered to show her how it’s done.   She will then get to either do the observation ride with her packed chute or wait on the ground for when they land.

    Finding things to do with Kara that doesn’t cost anything is always an adventure within itself.  She enjoyed the pictures I captured at the DZ last weekend and wants to hang out and see if she can get some artistic shots to add to her portfolio.  She has an amazing eye for action shots and since she’s just a little thing she can probably lay in the pea gravel and get landing shots and no one would even notice her.
    I have a haunting feeling that after she’s out of AFF I will be having to purchase her a helmet with a camera mount!
    When I am jumping the last thing I am thinking about is taking pictures.

    I was actually asked once what I think about when I’m in freefall.  1. out 2. arch 3. altimeter 4. backflip 5. altimeter 6. spin 7. altimeter 8. track 9. altimeter 10. PULL!

    The next time I went out I wanted to actually remember what I thought about during freefall other than the necessities to stay alive.  “I have cotton mouth”.
    Really…that was it.   I had forgotten to grab my water before I got on the plane and THAT was the only thing I thought about during freefall.

    Now when I get going again I am going to have to be thinking about being fruit looped , mugged or having my junk grabbed.  God,  I love my skyfamily!  They all wonderfully, perfect, peverted and loving.
    And when I say, ‘perverted’ I don’t mean the weird perverted-going on craigs list, signing up for swinger parties under false names while married to someone who has no idea’  brand of pervert…I mean, duh.  Skydivers are perverted, but they don’t try to hide it. They flaunt it!

    Kara and I should have fun this weekend since she already knows all the stories and stupid slang!