• Random and Odd

    In awe…

    In skydiving we are sometimes graced with nicknames.  I narrowly avoided ‘flares’.  We have “red” “stretch” “chocolate” “mudmonkey” “juicbox” “flying lesbian” and a bunch others.
    I get teased for the twisted leg strap incident.
    While at the dropzone yesterday I had Ed have Lester put on a rig and see if he would twist the leg straps.  Ed helped him put it on  and from all the times he’s watched me tighten my leg straps he looked like a pro.  I was standing there with the camera going, ‘damn…that’s hot.’.   Then Ed took off the rig, placed it on the chair and said, “Okay, now put it on yourself.”
    Yeah, he twisted the leg straps.
    Cheering and snapping pictures I said, “Ha! He twisted the leg straps!”
    That’s when Ed looked at me and said, “Yeah, I’m guessing he could figure it out in less than 20 minutes, that’s your time right?”
    I told Lester, “You look pretty good in that rig…you wanna jump?”
    He then replied. “Yes, if I am unconscious.”

    Right now there is some sort of game plan with his friend from PA about coming in July to jump out of a plane.  This, mind you doesn’t mean I am EVER getting a tattoo.