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    Happy 12th Birthday, Alyx

     *I went through all my posts for Alyx’s birthday and I have yet to tell her story, so this year I will.  In 2005 I did write her a little something and these are the people that were here at Random and Odd for her first R&O birthday: pissybritches, Mrs.Strizzay, that one chick, my sister, ferncanyonman, Girl from Impanema, ScottyG & Shellybells
    (I still talk to many of those bloggers *hug)

    For January 7th:

    I’m sitting here trying desperately to remember what it felt like to be pregnant all those years ago and for the life of me, I can’t remember.

    I do remember the day I went in to the hospital to have her though.

    My doctor informed me a few weeks before her due date that he was going to be leaving on vacation right around that time and before he could offer up, “Would you like me to induce you before I go?” I had slid across his mahogany desk, grabbed him by his starch, white jacket and burst into tears; “Nooooooooooo!”
    Me and Dr. B had been through a child birth and miscarriage and there was NO way I was going to let some other doctor go poking around down there.
    He pulled out his calendar and before he could pick a date I had wept into his collar, “The soonest appointment available.”
    He said, “How does January 7th sound?”
    The sounds of the sky parting and all the angels singing is what it sounded like.  If chocolate cake could talk is what it sounded like.
    That morning I was standing by the front door like a dog ready to go on her walk.  Dan grabbed all my stuff and we headed back to the hospital I was so familiar with.
    My room was smaller than it was when I had Kara and everyone seemed to be scattering around. Come to find out, the hospital had actually moved and they were just staying open for another week or so.  The new hospital had all the new cool stuff.
    The new hospital must have had all the nice nurses because I got stuck with the crotchity, old bitch that from the second I walked in totally harshed my mellow.
    My mom taught me something before I had Kara; “Don’t lose it. If you lose it, you can’t get it back.”  I didn’t whimper, whine or pout when I had Kara and Alyx was going to be a walk in the park.  UNTIL the nurse felt me up. She didn’t just feel me up, she went up, around and I’m pretty sure she might have flicked my tonsils. She was mean and abusive.
    I was crawling up the back of the bed to get away from her when she snapped at Dan, “Please hold her down!” and he saw that look on my face. I was losing it.   Dan wasn’t real big on sticking up for me, but he saw something that caused him to bolt into action, “STOP!” she jerked her hand from my body and snapped the rubber glove off. “Fine!”
    After she walked out of the room my eyes started filling up with tears and I was already begging him to find my doctor so we could go home. I changed my mind. I would wait for Dr. B to get home from vacation and I could go to nice hospital with all the nice nurses.

    When the crotchity, old bitch came back in, I had just recovered from her assault and noticed she was putting on a new set of gloves. I grabbed Dan’s hand and sent him non-verbal eye warnings. ‘If you let her touch me there again, YOU will never touch me there again!”  He caught the flying daggers and told the nurse that I would be waiting for the doctor or another nurse.
    She informed him that it would be a long wait and ‘good luck’.  She snapped off the second pair of gloves and left.
    I’m not kidding when I say this; I crossed my legs at the knees and informed the universe that no one was coming near me until my doctor got there.  The universe migh thave laughed because nurse crotchity came back in with a needle, “Here sweetie. I’m sorry. This will make you feel better.”  She came bearing gifts in the form of pain killers.  I didn’t need them, but who is going to pass up the opportunity for a little bit of ‘happy time’ during labor?
    I think she injected bleach in my system because as soon as she walked out my body decided it need to go freezing cold and I the simple task of pulling air in and pushing it out of my lungs was nearly impossible.
    Dan saw that I was starting to go into some sort of shock and started for the door when a new nurse walked in and saw that look on my face too. “You need air!”
    FINALLY someone that spoke my language.
    She put the mask on me and I started to calm down. I let her know that if Nurse Crotchity came back in, I would have to kill someone.
    My sister walked in around then and saw me on the bed, shaking violently and with a mask on my face.
    Without hesitation she burst into her best Maverick from Top Gun impersonation, “WERE GOING DOWN GOOSE! DON’T LEAVE ME GOOSE!”
    I knew once she got there I would be okay.  Dan took my mom downstairs to get donuts and coffee and in that 10 minutes away, I went into full blown labor.
    New, Happy, Pretty nurse checked me out and said, “Uh…do you want me to deliver or do you want to wait for the doctor?”
    Hellllloooooo…I had JUST gotten there an hour or two ago. I hadn’t even finished filling out the paperwork. Where was the pain at? Oh yeah, epidural guy just left.
    “Waiting for the doctor.”

    I went in at 8am. settled in around 9am. assaulted by nurse at 10. crossing my legs to wait for doctor at noon.  Alyx was born somewhere  between 1 and 2 pm. As soon as the doctor got there, Alyx was born.

    He put her on my chest, something I didn’t get with Kara, and I looked at her squishy face and I finally allowed myself to cry.
    During my waiting for the doctor, we had put on the news and it was during the time that the teenagers gave birth to a baby and dumped it in a trash bin.  When I looked at her I thought, “how in the hell?” and the tears kept coming.

    I didn’t want to separate from her for a second.

    I still don’t.

    Happy Birthday Baby Girl Angel Puff.