• Random and Odd

    Alrighty then…

    Thanks for the links. The first one, with the pressed jewelery…COOLNESS.  I have been looking for a necklace that says, “Go ahead, just blame me for it.” and just couldn’t figure out where to find one.

    I visited all the other ones, and I am officially kicking the ass of the person who sent me to the online game one. I spent more time trying to figure out the game then I did on my college exit exam!

    I was also reminded of all the blogs I use to have time to read.  I miss you guys. :)

    This whole blog thing…I’m so ready to just stop.  It’s been a few years I have been here, doing my thing, writing my what-nots.  It’s alright, but I’ve lost my flare for writing.

    I’m ready to pack my bags and travel. Be it through books (suggestions? you guys kick ass at suggestions!) or through getting in the car and just going (suggestions? places I can park my ass?) or just getting lost in my photography.

    I’m all around still…

    I twitter: www.twitter.com/randomandodd
    I MySpace: www.myspace.com/randomandodd
    I yahoo: kristine_seguin
    I aim: justkeeton

    I’m also going to redesign my site to fit me again.  Old lady florals and stripes. Books and Movie recommendations.

    LOL, Shaun’s having a nightmare or something next to me. I think he’s chasing someone because his leg keeps bursting out of the covers and his arms are flopping around.  Perhaps he’s just a border collie right now and is herding sheep or cattle.
    He woke up the other night after I threw up from the pain of a headache and said, “Ooooh, it’s going to be okay.”  I knew he was on auto-husband.  I told him I was okay and to go back to sleep.  He just said, “I’m going to be okay. Go back sleep.”
    I swear, the perks of actually having someone to sleep next to are limitless.
    1. I can tickle his nose until he hits himself in the face, wakes up and looks at me like I had some part in it. I just raise my eyebrows at him like he’s a moron and he rolls over and sighs. He hasn’t figured out it’s me yet.
    2. The sleep talking is hysterical.  He actually will belly laugh in his dreams.
    3. The annoying look he gets on his face when he wakes up and i’m still awake. Like it’s HIS fault I can’t sleep.

    Okay, where was I?  Oh yeah, my lack of important things to talk about.  Did I mention he farts in his sleep? HYSTERICAL, because during his waking hours he will not fart in front of me. He would walk to the corner market before he farted in the radius that I could POSSIBLY hear him…when he sleeps, farts like a bullhorn.
    He will kill me after he reads this, so if you don’t hear from me in a few days…I’m being buried in the backyard next to old ex-boyfriends.

    Anyway…well, yeah. There you go.