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    Our Moment of Truth

    After WAY too much time watching all 14 of these stupid videos, I still couldn’t figure out if it was real or a hoax.
    It was all over MySpace so that should be my answer right there, but I am all about figuring out the truth.

    Because I had invested all that time into reading about the show, stalking myspace pages for a truthful answer and googling everything I could I figured I would watch the show. I was already interested in watching it anyway, because I think I would do pretty darn good on that show. It’s pretty much based on MySpace questionnaires, just your attached to a polygraph machine.

    Here were some of the personalized answers that I standardized so I could answer.

    (first guy, ex-football player, married, no kids)

    1. Have you ever canceled an appointment saying you were sick when you weren’t?

    –Yes. In fact that is the top of the grab bag of excuses I have used.

    2. Have you ever admired yourself in the mirror after taking a shower?
    –Yes, admire as in looked and was like, “Whoa…really? My ass seriously looks THAT gross?”

    3. Have you hit someone else’s car and not left a note?

    –Yes and karma has come back to haunt me.

    4. While you were in college, did you ever get a passing grade just because you were on the football team (or cheated)?

    –Yes, but I have completely logical excuse for it.

    5. As a football player (or in a gym) did you ever sneak a peek at another player’s privates while taking a shower?

    –Yes. Boobs are like RIGHT there in your face. I wouldn’t say I SNEAKED a peek though. Tough one.

    6. If your (husband or wife) developed a flabby stomach would you encourage her to get liposuction?

    –No. Have you not seen me OR my ex-husband?

    7. Have you ever suspected one of your friends of making a play for your (husband/wife/boy/girlfriend)?

    –No, not one of my friends.

    8. Have you ever had sexual relations with someone the very same day you met them?


    9. Is there something you have done that could cause (Husband/Wife/boy/girlfriend) not to trust you?
    –Yes. Being where I have been that is always out there.

    10. Do you think you delayed having children because you’re not sure if (H/W/B/Girlfriend)will be your lifelong partner?

    — No. I can honestly say I never delayed having children.

    11. Have you ever touched a co-worker/client more than was required of you?
    — Yes, and I was forced to re-watch the sexual harassment video because of it.

    (second guy–divorce father of 2, lives with girlfriend and her 2 kids)

    1. Have you ever gone through a co-workers private belongings without their knowledge?

    — Yes. I was young.

    2. Have you ever had a sexual fantasy while attending mass/church?

    –Yes. The pastor’s son was so hot!

    3. Do you consider yourself to be better looking than most men/women your age?

    –No. Absolutely not. I will when I am like 50! Watch out good genes!

    4. Are you currently a member of the Hair Club for Men?

    –No. Or Hair Club for Women…but if I could afford it, HECK YES!

    5. Have you ever considered you might be addicted to gambling?

    –Yes. I actually read the little pamphlet they have the casino and I answered yes to too many of the questions.
    I’m also addicted to Dole Pineapple/Mango/Orange juice.

    6. Do you have a bank account your (H/W/B/girlfriend) doesn’t know about?
    –No. But that might be a good idea. ;)

    7. Have you ever padded your underwear/bra to look more endowed?
    –No. I hid behind an uncomfortably large jacket even in the middle of the summer to hide the fact that I had no boobs.

    See that wasn’t so bad was it? As I watching the show and the friends and family of the contestants squirm around at the questions, I had to think: what would make my family and friends squirm?
    —Yeah, there might be a few questions I wouldn’t want to answer just to fear them the embarrassment. I haven’t heard them ask it…YET.