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It’s my grab bag of catch up.

I thought it was Monday and my day was screwed up all day because of it.

People, especially clients who you went over the moon to please and then they turned you around and put it in your rear, REALLY piss me off and make me sad at the same time.

American Idol this year; to quote people who are way more hip than I am, ‘I am not feelin’ it‘. I like the Jack Osborne looking dude. That is all.

I pulled out some books I needed to re-read. This book, I recommend for everyone that breathes: Co-Dependant No More by Melody Beattie
the tagline for the book is, “How to stop controlling others and start caring for yourself” It was written 20 years ago for people living with people in AA or battling alcoholism.
Now don’t let that turn you away because you’re not a ‘controlling’ person or living with/dealing with alcoholism. This book has saved my life once before and since rereading it again, I am amazed how much of the lessons I learned and stuck with me.
“I did not cause it. I can not control it. I can not cure it.” This was the line that jumped out at me the first time I read it and I think because of reading this book, dealing with the things in my life is allowing me to be able to look at situations and say, “That’s not mine, that’s yours.”

Britney – Media, leave the girl alone. She is just doing what we all have wanted to do; lose our damn minds and do something nuts. I would do the same thing right now, but the bald spots…not so attractive…red and patchy. Eww.

Anna Nicole
– Media, show more boobs.

: This commercial started a revolution and now animal activists are pissed that Checkers (the hamburger joint) have a take out bag that you can cut the holes out of and dress your cat up in ‘rap cat’ costume.
People that are pissed: KNOCK IT OFF! Have you missed EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS A DOG AND TOO MUCH MONEY? It’s a bag and a cat. These people would be SO pissed at me if they found out the stuff we did to our cat. It involves tape on the bottom of the paws and a bong hit.

SPF: Your TO DO list. I’m not a list maker, but I like to see the writing of our readers and sometimes I get to catch a view of a ‘doodle’ on your list.

Mental Health: I am SO Britney Spears right now. I’m not the cute dancing in the hallway in a sexy uniform Britney. I’m not the sucking face with Madonna Britney. I am not the driving around with the kid on my lap Britney. I’m also not the strange lipstick and no shoes interview Britney.
I am really close to the shaving of the head crazy Britney. They have a 24 hour ‘anxiety rehab’ I can check into?

No worries, I promise to keep my panties on and not flash the media my coochie.

IE vs. Firefox…Yes, this AGAIN.

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Does Random and Odd look like this when you view it?

Yes? No?  What browser are you all using??

I really like this layout and want to be able to work with it, but I don’t want to use it if you guys see it like this:

Eww, Internet Explorer makes it all squishy to the side and all not centered and all not good at all.

This post brought to you by the word: ALL.

Okay, so How do you all see it? First picture? Second picture? IE or Firefox?

Your Two Cents…

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The windows of Coit tower have pennies and other denominations of money on the ledges from visitors from other countries. It’s cool.

It’s been a couple of months and I keep saying I wanted to redesign Random and Odd. Last night I decided it was going to be the night.
NINETY ONE pages of 9 screen shots each to wade through. 91. I must have FTPed about 70 different designs to my editor and checked to see how everything lined up.
They have everything from truly ugly to damn ugly. There are spatterings of ‘oh hell no’ themes.

I realized half way through the search that I was looking for something that fits the person I am ‘right now’. I paused for awhile and thought about it.
“Shaun, I need you to make me a header that has band-aides all over it.”
“Because that’s what I feel like.”
“I’m not seeing your vision.”

I figured around midnight that I wanted something very plain. I couldn’t wake up Shaun and have him make me a ‘simple, but classy’ header so I had to make it myself. The sleeping pill had kicked in and THAT up there is what you got.

It’s going to take some getting use to. I still have to link up some stuff and get rid of the missing people on my links list. I also need to get rid of the people that are fair weather peoples…so if you’re over there, raise your hand. If you’re here all the time and you’re not on that list, raise your hand.

Oh and did the redesign fix the problem with people not being able to update their information?


UPDATED:  Thanks for the honesty on how it looks. I am guessing the people that are seeing that huge clump of white to the right are the people using MICROSOFT IE and not FIREFOX (the superior browser).  When I opened it in IE, I could see what you were talking about. That was a look I wasn’t going for.  In fact, I went through a bunch that looked like that in Firefox and deleted them.  Darn it.

Yes, it’s stark huh? Like, almost hospital type of clean.
*sigh*  I found a layout I liked, but it was all Christmasy.  Since Shaun was asleep I couldn’t get him to change the design of it to get rid of the presents and ornaments.