Fuh-read-om ??

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This has been the best Valentine’s Day in all Valentine’s Day history.  It wasn’t because of what I got, but who we spent it with.

Shaun invited ‘Cita and her kids, Kyle and Kianna for dinner.  He then invited his sister and brother law and their daughter, Jessie.  We also had our kids, Tabitha and little JB (I call him that because I know it bugs her…i’m  evil like that.)

It was awesome being surrounded by my friends and family in my home. I’m not the big entertainer. In fact, I suck at it.  This was SO awesome though.  My house was actually big enough to fit even more people than I thought could.  Shaun managed the kitchen and I made sure the couch didn’t hit the ceiling.  Everyone seemed to be relaxed and enjoying themselves.  BEST Valentine’s Day EVER.   Thank you Shaun, not for the beautiful flowers, but the beautiful people you fill my house with.

Now I kick back and wait for my first day being JB’s day care lady that starts tomorrow morning.  I am a ‘day care’ person now.  Personally I think there is a better name for it and I am pretty certain you will all come up with a name for me, or it will hit me while I am dodging a baby cookie (which I have found turn to cement after they make contact with baby saliva)

American Idol:  Dude with curly hair and wicked sense of humor.  Right now, my favorite.

SPF:  FREE.  You can take this one and run with it or just find the word ‘free’…what sets you free?  have fun with this.

Any advice for me? It’s been 8 years since I have taken care of baby.  EIGHT years.  *knocking on monitor* hello? DELURK and give me some damn advice!