I’m a Wee-Tawd.

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I have thee worst luck with glasses. I’m the last person that will spend more than 10 dollars for a pair because I lose them.
I’ve lost 3 pairs of prescription glasses in the past 10 years.  I don’t know if this is common, but to me it just sounds stupid. Why spend SO much money on glasses that you KNOW you’re going to lose?

When Tabitha moved in she brought a pair of ‘back up glasses’ because the bastards that robbed her, also broke her glasses, knocking a lens out and under the car.   She MUST have her glasses because without them she can’t see at all.  I don’t have that problem, I wear glasses because I see better with them on.
Because I had to make Tabitha an appointment to get new glasses, I figured I would make an appointment for myself.

I’m now a ‘glasses’ wearer.

‘Cita and I went out the other night and I was SO impressed with the fact that I made it from the car to the place without getting a single drop of rain on my glasses.  When it comes to care of glasses, I’m not exactly the example you should follow. I usually take the glasses off and rub them on my shirt to remove smudges or rain drops.
I also toss them in my purse when I loose the eyeglass case holder after 1 week of owning one.  This is exactly what I did once I got in the place. I took off the glasses and tossed them in my purse. I did check on them a few times during the night to make sure they didn’t fall out.

At the end of the night, I pulled out my glasses and manged to make it all the way out to the car without getting a single drop of rain on them. SCORE!

When I got home, I took off the glasses and was shocked, “Oh My God, I lost a lens out of my glasses!” I am thinking I am a dumbass for just putting them in my purse and not taking better care of them.
“Oh My God. I lost BOTH lenses!”  I am putting my fingers through the holes that once housed two perfectly good lens.

That when I saw the inside of the glasses, it had a very cool design on them.  “Hmm. I don’t remember that design being there before.”   And then it hits me AND Shaun.  He asked me, “You are NOT wearing Tabitha’s glasses are you?”

I had picked up Tabitha’s broken glasses and wore them all night not knowing the difference between MY glasses and a pair without lenses in them.

No one in this house is letting me live that one down either.