Stuff Portrait Friday – Something RED.

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I found this in Old Sacramento. I lovvve love looooove flaky paint.  I could sit there for hours and pick flaky paint off of surfaces.  I think it has something to do with being iron deficient…oh wait, that’s if I eat the paint.


Holy Shit and so forth!

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Anna Nicole Smith died.

Kami broke the news to me over Yahoo Messenger and it went something like this:

Kami: Anna Nicole Smith died.
Me: No!
Kami: Yes!
Me: NO!
Kami: YES!
Kami: WAY!

After 2 hours of the same conversation over and over again she reminded me that I didn’t have anything up for SPF:



Please leave a comment for upcoming weeks of SPF suggestions.

Thank you Kami for this weeks suggestion. If anyone is interested my Yahoo IM is Kristine_Seguin and if you have Yahoo, add me to your friends list.  Just let me know you’re a reader of R&O when you IM me. I keep getting men from other countries trying to get me to marry them for a green card.

babyback, babyback, babyback…

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Tabitha (Shaun’s ex-wife) and Jeremiah (her 10 month old baby boy) are coming home today.  Colorado just wasn’t their thing, which is fine with me, because her kids missed her madly and I know Shaun and I missed her and the baby.

On a mission tonight I bought him the most grand car seat the world has ever seen.
We got it home and pulled out the 500 page manual on how to get it adjusted and car ready.

This was going to be his ‘big boy car seat’ that he would climb in and love like no other child has loved a car seat.

I got into my minivan and like a magical wizard I began adjusting straps and making sure that thing was strapped in with all the safety requirements in check.

I then got into the front seat and realized…this seat was clearly made for diesel 18 wheelers. It was Ginormous! We couldn’t even see out my rear view window with it strapped in.  Shaun had made a comment on the size of the box when I got it home and I ignored him because…well, I don’t like it when Shaun talks.  When I took it out of the box it didn’t look THAT big.

Frustrated we took it back to Target and had to go find a substandard sized one. I was pissed because I liked the one that Shaun liked to call the ‘Recliner’ of all car seats.

We found one that would work better, not only in my van, but in her Mustang. Because of the price difference we found a exsosauser that bounces and makes lots of annoying sounds.

Marina spent a lot of time putting it together with love and tenderness for her baby brother. Shaun and I put the car seat in and now I am ready to head to the airport to pick up my friend and lil’ mister man.

I also put the table corner things on so when he smacks his forehead on the table 39 times in one day, his bruising will be only minor.

We drug the swing and high chair out of the garage. Our home is once again cluttered with baby toys and accessories. We couldn’t be happier to have it all out again.

Is this the most ideal time for them to come back? Probably not.   There is no way that I am NOT going to invite them back into my home though,  they are family.