ya’all funny…

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I swear I haven’t laughed so hard in days.  Thank you for all the emails and phone numbers.

Since my email isn’t sending OUT anything and it looks like I am avoiding all questions, let me answer them here:

1. No, Shaun didn’t cheat on me.
2. No, Shaun did not cheat on me with Gwen Stephani.
3. No, Shaun didn’t hit me.
4. No, Shaun didn’t come to his senses and leave my ass for someone better and younger.
5. No, Shaun didn’t sleep with his ex-wife while she was staying with us.
6. No, I didn’t have a flash back memory of my childhood where I was molested, which never happened. Thanks for the disturbing image though and all those links.
7. No, I do not not need ya’all to come over/down/up here to kick someone’s ass. Thank you though.

You are all very sweet and I love each one of you and your crazy ideas of what could possibly be wrong with me.  I love each one of you that offered to bring a bat. I love all the emails where you sent me numbers of people you know that can ‘take care of the problem’.  I know people that know people. That’s awesome.

Where were you guys when I needed help burying that exboyfriend in the backyard though? Hmmm???