• Random and Odd

    She said, WHAT?

    My driving nemesis didn’t show up at school today to drive up my blood pressure.

    So, to entertain you: “Konversations with Kristine”

    Me: “Hey Kath…where’s mom? I want her to see the picture on Flickr of Shea making the baby blanket.”
    Kath: “She’s in her room. Hold on. She’s watching some Tommy Lee movie.”
    Me: *blink.blink*  “What?”
    Kath: “MOM! Kris wants you to check her Flickr account so you can see her picture of Shea.”
    Me: “What is she watching?”
    Kath: “Some Tommy Lee movie.” she starts talking to Mom again, “Is he still pecking away?”

    My mind is rolodexing through any other movie Tommy Lee has ever been in that didn’t have him ‘pecking away’ at anything other than Pamela Anderson.

    Kath: “She’s watching some Tommy Lee Jones movie.”
    Me:  “Yeah, that was not a good mental picture you had going in my head.”


    After taking a picture of Shea and realizing I had the shutter speed ALL kinds of wrong:

    Me: “Ewww! Yuck.”
    Shea: “What?”
    Alyx: “Your face.”


    ‘Cita and I in the car today and we pull up to a woman in a truck blaring Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus Take The Wheel.”

    ‘Cita:  “Jesus take the wheel huh?  She’s smoking with one hand and talking on the phone with the other, SOMEONE better take the wheel.”


    I’m trying to get through some things in my life right now and I promise when things work themselves out, I will be funny and happy again.  Until then, you get random and odd shit.   Guess it’s a good thing I named my site R&O.