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    Drama Club

    Kara was in a play last night. After the emotionally draining day of yesterday I wasn’t looking forward to a play, but Kara was SOOOO excited and there was NO way in hell I was going to miss my daughter play a person that robs a diner!
    She, of course, was the best actress there.
    Something tells me that all the faking she was sick has finally paid off.  Drama is in her blood.

    The next time she has a play I am going to film it so you can all see her before she hits Hollywood and you can say, “I knew her when she was just a bit player on Random and Odd.”

    How strange…you guys are watching my children grow up with me.
    *Group hug*  Fuck, I need to up the damn medication! I’m a blithering idiot.

  • Random and Odd

    Friday’s SPF: MY BUDDY

    This was taken yesterday morning before they left for Colorado. We have this game we would play called, “Stick it!”  He would burrow his head into my neck and I would count to three and pull his legs up and he would be doing his baby headstand and I would say, “aaaannnnddd STICK IT!” and land his feet back on my stomach.  He would always make me laugh because he wouldn’t even look up, he would already be trying to get me to count to three and do it again.

    This is Shaun and Jeremiah doing his game called, “BULL FIGHT!”  Shaun would get at the end of the air mattress and pound his hands on the bed and yell, ‘come on Buddy, BULL FIGHT!” and Jeremiah would crawl over to him and they would put their heads together until Shaun fell over in defeat.  Jeremiah then would slap his face to get him to ‘wake up’ after his loss.

    They made it to Colorado safely.  It’s been REALLY hard on us with them not being here.  Everything feels different. When Shaun and I finally stopped for a second and tried to have a moment to hold each other he said something that made us both laugh.
    “How can a small house that has 7 people living in it feel so empty?  Are we idiots?”

    Thank you all for the nice things you’ve said.  The ones that are getting the most out of us all getting along is the kids.  They feel the brunt of emotions when we all fight, so I can only imagine that the positive effect it’s going to have on them now and later in life.
    Ryan’s mom is actually being nice to me lately. I’m not sure what the switch in her behavior was, but I’m glad it happened.
    Ryan told me in a online chat, “If it wasn’t for the fact that no one is yelling and mad at each other, I would think it was weird.” The fact that his mom hated me so much was really a sore spot in his heart.  It’s painful having to ‘pick a side’ and then having to recount everything you did that weekend because one parent doesn’t like the step parent/real parent and they want to find fault in the other.  It was painful for him for 15 years, it’s time for him to get a chance to feel what all of our kids have…weird ass parents that get along.

    It’s strange how your whole life can change. It was almost two months ago that we walked into the hospital and took a very humble and vulnerable  woman home.  It was two months ago that Jeremiah was just turning 9 months old and he wouldn’t even look at us, let alone let us hold him.  It was two months ago when I really, truly learned about what being a grown up means.

    All the stuff you think about another person is probably not true.  I wouldn’t advise having your husband’s ex-wife move in to find out if it’s true or not.  I would advise to … I don’t know… I guess just BE YOURSELF.  If that person gets a chance to ‘get you’ for who you are, there is a good chance they will like that person better than the one that you want them to think you are.  Did that make sense?

    You all can love me for all my random and oddness.  I’m a stranger. I could, for all you know, be that bitchy woman at the PTA meetings and the snotty neighbor that lets my dog shit on your yard.   You got to know me for who I am though…try giving that much to a relationship that may or may not be so great.   The worst think that that could happen is you’re now known as “Auntie Koo-Koo”  (as in ‘weird aunt kristine)

    I’m sorry… DID YOU PLAY?