• Random and Odd

    I’m Tivoing life right now so I can fast forward through the shitty parts.

    Note how the PAUSE button is in focus? Yeah. Pause. That’s a bad ass word. “I’m just Paused right now”. Pause is going to be the new IT word.

    Who knows what would happen if we all just paused for a moment to be quiet and enjoy the time of peace. Yeah, I know. Someone would fart and we would all be giggling and blaming someone else.

    Well, if you happen to PAUSE for a second today; Go say Hi to Susie.

    Happy First SPF of 2007 (and Thanks The Kept Woman for keeping him going for us while I was being an airhead…you are the now the official Godmother of SPF and lifetime baby sitter when I feel the need to just crawl beneath the covers and wail and try to eat the pillow)