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    It’s Over.

    ‘Cita and I made our way to the court house extra early to make sure we had a spot in the court room for the sentencing of Mario Garcia in the murder case of Christie Wilson.

    Butterflies were in my stomach as we walked up to the court house with a gift for Christie’s mom in hand.

    The court room was packed and we were given our badges to get in. We waited outside and the advocate asked us very nicely if we could please give our badges up for people had been victims of Mario Garcia in the past. Of course, we handed them over and just hoped there was a chance for us to get inside and hear the verdict. We weren’t allowed in along with 15 more people. The advocate for the victims let us read the impact statements that would be read in court and each letter ripped through my heart. Her mother talking about the first time she held her daughter and told her she loved her. Her sister talking about the joys that Christie brought her life. Her father talking of the tears that would stream down his face as he drove to Sacramento to search for his daughter.

    When Debbie and Pat (Christie’s parents) walked in and she saw us sitting by the court room door she made her way over to us and hugged us and said, “Ohhh, my HOPE is here.” We were greeted with loving hugs.
    In ever letter, post or email…I told her, don’t lose her hope that Christie will be found. She relates us to her ‘Hope’ and her husband calls us ‘his searching soccer moms’.

    Yesterday Marina and Kara battled it out to the point of screaming and making everyone’s lives hell. The first impact statement I read was Stacie’s letter and I broke down and cried. It hit so very close to home at that time. I know your sister can sometimes be your enemy and you fight and say names…but you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. I thought of the loss of my sister and not having her there for me. I don’t believe I would be able to express how losing my sister so brutally would tear me up inside.
    After the interviews I talked to Stacie and I asked her if she had a copy of her impact statement. She pulled a crumpled and tear stained paper to give to my daughters.

    Before court I handed a present for Debbie. It was a snow globe. Inside was a silver angel and the words on the base were, “HOPE”. She cried and told me that she has the candle holder we gave her at the beginning of all of this next to her phone in her kitchen and always thinks about the support that she has gotten through all of this.

    I remember her words all those months ago, “I make it through this because I can feel all the prayers.”

    As the family of the victims walked from the court room, one of the most amazing reporters came straight up to us and said, “59 years to life without chance of parole”. You could see the turmoil on her face as she announced the best news we could have gotten.

    This case has touched everyone that has any part of it. Justice was served today in court.

    Thank you all so much for your prayers for a family you didn’t even know. You prayed for them, wrote letters, gave me strength when I needed it the most.

    I admire each one of you so very much. Thank you!

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  • Random and Odd

    Thursday without SPF?

    Yeah. I know…two weeks in a row that we haven’t handed out assignments for SPF. No worries. I will be back next week with an assignment that will make your toes tingle.
    The Kept Woman was having withdrawals and decided to start handing out some SPF crack. If you need to get your fix, run on over to her site and see what she has cookin’ in her crack spoon.

    Today is the sentencing phase of Mario Garcia in the death of Christie Wilson. I am making every effort into getting there to show my support for the family.

    The girls started karate and I was surprised how excited I was to watch them do their thing. Dan signs them up for all kinds of stuff and I just stand back and roll my eyes wondering how long it will last. I know, I am SO supportive. I was so thrilled to see the girls really getting into the kicking and HI-Ya-ing. It was cool.

    I got new medication for the ‘crazies’ and I am hoping it will snap me back into place quickly. I went to sleep last night WITHOUT the television on. That is a first in many, many years.

    Baby steps, Dr. Marvin…baby steps.