• Random and Odd


    One step forward, two steps back.

    There has been drama-galore around the house today and because i’m more mature than I let you all think I am…i’m just going to say… “Ugh.” and hope that all of you that have kids, ex’s, step kids…you’ll understand the punch that “Ugh.” brings.

    I was watching this comedy show last night staringWhoopie Goldburg, who coincidentally has the same effect as sleeping pills on Shaun, and she said, “When the shit hits the fan, EVERYONE gets hit.” In our lives at Random and Odd it doesn’t matter who the drama belongs to, we all have to deal with it.

    There’s this running inside joke with my friends that goes something like this, “If something goes wrong…Kristine did it.”
    I could be out of town and I’ll get blamed for it. This one time, some guy who had never even met me, blamed something on me. I’m use to it now…when something happens I just ask, “Whoa, did I get blamed for it?”

    I was on edge all day today waiting for the other shoe to drop. This drama that happened had NOTHING to do with me. It was between three people that I know. I knew it was happening because I was told it was going to happen. I didn’t ask to be told, I was just told. I told Shaun about it and we decided the best way to brave this storm was to board up the windows and make sure we had lots of water, because this tornado was going to hit hard, fast and cause great damage.

    The storm is still brewing and I for one have decided that no matter how tempting it is to step out of the shelter to have a smoke, I will just stay put and wait it out.

    Somewhere down the road, mark my words…I will post the results and i’m guessing that it will start with, ‘I GOT BLAMED FOR IT!’

    With every storm, there is a break in the crashing winds and it came in the form of a poem that Marina wrote for one of her classes. In this poem she mentions her life, where she lives and what we do for her everyday…and she thanked her father and I.

    Today, it was worth all the tornados, drama, poo-flying and tears.