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    Your mom busted in and said, “What’s that noise?”

    Did you know that Hummers have ass warmers? I didn’t. I spent the 2 hour drive home with a nice and toasty rear.

    I figured since Ruka was bringing her baby, I should bring mine. Mine of course is almost 13 and I didn’t factor in the stories that would be circling the room.

    “Did you ever tell Kara about the time when we…” One of them would start.

    It was too late, my daughter is now enlightened to all my evil ways. There is no turning back after her hearing the story about ‘that one time in high school.’.

    I guess now that she knows about ‘that one time’, I can share the conversation that Shaun and I had the other day on the way home.

    “See that trailer park right there, Shaun!? I lived there in a tiny travel trailer when I first moved to Sacramento. I didn’t know that this is where the hookers hung out!”

    He then told me a nice little story about the time a hooker came up to his car and scared the bejeezus out of him when he was 19.
    I of course, had a similar story…

    “I remember when I first moved down here and I was driving home from a Dungeons and Dragon’s meeting STONED OUT OF MY MIND and a hooker came up to my car and scared the shit out of me…”

    I didn’t finish the story because Shaun was laughing too hard.

    “Yeah, that one beats mine honey, you win.”

    My daughter found out the wonderful details of my crazy childhood. From dating the shortest guy in school to the party in 8th grade where Bryce was out in the snow looking for the box of wine coolers.

    When we got home I said, “Kara, you have to understand…that was a totally different time.”

    She asked, “Where was grandma during all of this?”

    “We slipped sleeping pills in her buttermilk.”

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    It’s Sunday and I am getting in a car and heading to Chico to visit a friend from 8th grade.
    Pictures to follow.

    It’s also what I call ‘Susie Sunday’. You don’t have to do anything, you just go and read the little phrase, quote, scripture…over at Susies. I love Sundays because sometimes she mentions ‘hope’, but she also just makes you feel like you stopped by and had a cup of coffee.

    Today is an important day in my sister’s life.
    In the Seguin family, we have been through a lot. With 5 kids, i’m sure you could have enough stories about our childhood to make you cry, laugh and shake your head in disbelief for several years.
    We all have our stories of our childhood. The struggles we went through and how we walked out of those completely screwed up or the strongest person in the world.

    My sister fought for personal freedom. When you read her blog…it’s just the tippity top of the surface of who she really is. If you really knew her, you would love her more than you have loved anyone you have never met. She inspires you, she makes you laugh, she lifts you up and she will drop your ass if you get mean. She is the most real person I know, hands down, ever.

    She is also REALLY DAMN HOT for someone who’s almost FIFTY!

    *i love being the obnoxious little sister*